Titu Technical Centre received the ISO 14001 certification

Between 3-14 September 2012, at Titu Technical Centre, an assessment was carried out, in order to evaluate the implementation of the environmental management system (EMS).

Titu Technical Centre received the ISO 14001 certification

At the end of this assessment, Renault’s testing centre in Romania has been granted the ISO 14001 certification.

This achievement was possible due to the constant concern for environmental protection and to the investments made at Titu Technical Centre (TTC), investments totaling 3.5M between 2008 and 2012.

The assessment was conducted by SGS România SA – an external company which audited impartially all the aspects concerning the EMS implementation on TTC site: waste and chemical products, conservation of natural resources, control of air pollution emissions and wastewater discharge, etc.  

Following the assessment conducted on-site during 6 days, the auditors have concluded that the EMS implementation meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and decided to grant the 14001 certification.

„Obtaining the ISO 14001 certification only two years after the inauguration of the testing centre is an outstanding achievement. This remarkable accomplishment is due to all the centre’s employees, who showed a lot of commitment and motivation regarding the environmental protection”, said Anica Muntean, director of Titu Technical Centre.

The ISO 14001 certification stands as a proof within Renault Group as well as for authorities and other stakeholders that TTC has set up a strong environmental policy, which aims at fully complying with the legal environmental requirements, the environmental protection principles, the Group’s practices and also the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Environmental protection, a priority for Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR)

RTR, through its newest location - Titu Technical Centre, has developed an environmental policy ever since its ground breaking in 2008. Also, since 2010, an EMS was implemented at the centre, a system that fits into the Renault Group’s environmental policy and aims to control and monitor the environmental impact of the centre’s activities.

Up to date, RTR has invested app. €3.5M for environmental protection measures that have been put in place at TTC.

Besides the environmental activities carried out at TTC, RTR also carries out various eco-friendly actions in order to promote and increase the environmental awareness of the local community. Some of these activities were: environmental training for children from two schools in Titu and providing the schools with waste bins for selective waste collection (paper and plastic) (2009), creation of playgrounds and green spaces in the nurseries of Sălcuţa and Plopu villages (2010), encouragement of sustainable mobility by offering bicycles to the local community of Titu (2011).

Also, in 2012 RTR organized competitions and presentation sessions on environmental topics in Titu schools and high schools and offered to Titu educational institutions 18 bins for the selective waste collection and 8 presses for plastic bottles.

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