This is the new Lexus ES 300h 2019 - Should Germans Worry?

This is the new premium luxury sedan from Japan that is sold in Europa.

This is the new Lexus ES 300h 2019 - Should Germans Worry?

That the premium middle-class ruling in Europe and the Germans in our country is a well-known thing. Audi, BMW and Mercedes would be "stolen" by Japanese, private and corporate customers, by Japanese Lexus, who sent a new EC sedan to the battle.

Only as a hybrid

Interestingly Lexus has come to offer motoring. In Europe, it offers only one single - hybrid with the 300h sign. It is the fourth-generation hybrid system that uses a new combustion engine, a new electric motor and new batteries.

The base of the hybrid is a 2.5 liters atmospheric four-cylinder gasoline engine that works in the Atkinson cycle. It boasts an excellent thermodynamic efficiency of more than 40%, which helps to use direct intake channels, valve angle magnification and laser treatment of valve seats. Excellent heat management also has a variable displacement oil pump, multi-hole injectors, VVT-iE Variable Variable Timing System, or Variable Cooling System.

The 131 kW engine works with a more compact 88 kW power motor that draws its nickel-metal hydride battery power. He managed to shrink so that he could move from behind the luggage under the rear seats, which increased the luggage space. 

 Part of the device is then a classical planetary gear with a parallel shaft transmission and a multifunctional transmission gear, including a planetary gear unit for power distribution, a parking lock and a gear shaft, all in one compact unit.

System power of the hybrid system reaches 160 kW. If you are interested in an acceleration, then let's know that from a standstill to a hundred, the ES 300h gets in 8.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 km/h.

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Source: Autolatest

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