This are top 10 of the Japanese ugliest cars in history

Everybody drives a Made in Japan car but when you look at this you'l change your view about the designers in Japan.

This are top 10 of the Japanese ugliest cars in history

Sometimes it seems that for the people of this or that brand crazy when released for sale a very strange-looking car. Japanese apparently it happens often.

World difficulty understanding Japanese automotive insanity is not starting here. Often outside the attention of Europeans launched into the world like incomprehensible creations and large and in our well-known brands. 

 None of what you see below, not parts of crazy owners nor driven tuning workshops with all these cars came to the manufacturers themselves. Sometimes it is close to the factory tuning, Sometimes special edition, but sometimes not even that. All these machines are not so strange that their factory of origin despite our assurances you may be reluctant to trust.

Some of ten cars, on which you can see below, they are really ugly, others are again "just" weird, awkwardly trying to retro-look or resemble something like a cake dog with a cat. And most of them have probably never heard of. Do not delay further, here is our selection of mad factory cars of Japanese origin.

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Source: Autolatest

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