The Porsche Cayenne manages to tow an Airbus A380 with 285 tons

The German SUV has just inscribed its name in the "Guinness Book" after having managed to fire on nearly fifty meters the largest airliner of the world, which weighs 285 tons!

The Porsche Cayenne manages to tow an Airbus A380 with 285 tons

There are very serious records in the "Guinness Book". In the automotive category, the Mazda MX-5 is cited, for example, as the best-selling roadster in the world. But of course, it is the less serious challenges that mark the minds. And even Porsche starts.

The German firm has teamed up with Air France to achieve a feat with the Cayenne . The large SUV of Zuffenhausen has indeed managed to fire on 42 meters an Airbus A380. 

 The distance is relatively short ... but the plane, the largest in the world designed for passenger transport, weighs 285 tons! The performance was completed at the end of April in the maintenance shed of the French company at Charles de Gaulle airport.

The Cayenne used for the video was a S Diesel, equipped with an eight-cylinder 385 hp which delivers a maximum torque of 850 Nm. The record was then repeated with a Turbo S (eight cylinders 4.8 liters of 570 hp, Of 800 Nm). The 4x4 thus uncovers the record of the production vehicle that draws the heaviest of planes. 

A special coupler was designed to connect the two units, but the SUV had not undergone any technical modification to strengthen its structure.

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Source: Autolatest

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