The new The Renault Kwid will repalace in Argentina the old Renault Clio III

The Renault Kwid will eventually not be confined to the Indian market, where it is a huge success, as it will soon be produced in Argentina as a replacement for the Clio.

The new The Renault Kwid will repalace in Argentina the old Renault Clio III

The small urban crossover will however have to update itself to the level of safety standards, and this induces a weight gain of about 140 kg!

The Renault Kwid sold in India can never be marketed in Europe in its current form, the fault with passive and active safety virtually non-existent. The crossover does not have ABS, airbags or even high-strength steel. This resulted in a "zero" score for the Kwid during the Global NCAP test.

However, Renault's big success in India has been improved for its export to the Mercosur (Southern Common Market). An Argentine media was able to get some information about the Kwid , which takes almost 150 kg just by adopting really essential things like 4 airbags, ABS and "enriched endowment". Some steels have also been replaced in the structure to have a more rigid set.

Autoblog announces, for example, that the driver seat of the Brazilian Kwid is 9 kg heavier than that of the Indian version. So of course, the 680 kg of the Indian Kwid are largely exceeded, the South American version being closer to 900 kg.

It is here that we realize the efforts made by our European manufacturers who often manage to stay under the 1500 kg despite an ultra-rich endowment (compared to the average of the emerging countries), ubiquitous safety and equipment Comfort in numbers.

Author: AL
Source: Autolatest

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