The new BMW 123d Coupe for German Police

Essen, 27 November 2009 - has almost become a tradition, the vehicles are of the 'Tune it! Safe! "Has become at the Essen Motor Show.

The new BMW 123d Coupe for German Police
Even in the 2009 edition of the Grand Opening, from 28 November to 6 December in the Ruhr Metropolis takes place, provides a converted for police cars BMW 1 Series coupe for attention.

Eye-catcher with a serious message
Background for the Federal Ministry of Transport and the Association of the tuning industry-supported measure is the reference to safe tuning. Therefore, a BMW 123d Coupé by AC Schnitzer refiners to "ACS1 2.3d was rebuilt. Following an intensified course of self-ignition occurs under the hood instead of the standard 204 hp to 241 hp, bringing the power of Hankook tires are 235 on the street. Mounted rubber on the bi-color wheels from AC Schnitzer. Added to come with a sports suspension lowered by 30 millimeters and a body kit.

Blue light on the roof

For the official police outfit next to the blue lamination provides a cutting-edge visual and audible signal system from Hella. The Tuning BMW has one of the first vehicles, the model "RKT 7" on the roof. Tuning on various events to promote the blue-light-Athlete for the cause of the initiative.

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Source: Autolatest

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