The new Audi A8 2018 has only petrol engine for US market! Dieselgate kills TDI engine

The future Audi A8 is going to be sold in USA only with petrol engines.

The new Audi A8 2018 has only petrol engine for US market! Dieselgate kills TDI engine

Launching with a new 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine, the A8 powertrain is paired with a standard new 48-volt electric mild-hybrid drivetrain.

This 10Ah lithium-ion battery and new beltdriven alternator starter (BAS) has been engineered to support the TFSI engine and functions as the main vehicle electrical system enabling the advanced infotainment and luxury equipment including the driver assistance systems and electromechanical suspension in the A8. This system allows for recuperation of power and is designed to provide a more efficient, responsive and smooth ride. The paired powertrains operate in conjunction with a fast and gently shifting eight speed tiptronic transmission and standard quattro® all-wheel drive with self-locking center differential.

With dynamic all-wheel steering, active electromechanical suspension and the powerful all-new electronic chassis platform, Audi has rethought every aspect of the all-new flagship’s chassis and ride experience.

All-new technologies and control systems make the A8 more comfortable, dynamic and adaptive to the driving environment. The available dynamic all-wheel steering allows the steering angles at the front and rear axles to be set independently of one another. It combines instantaneous response and steering behavior with superior driving stability, tightening the steering radius and offering improved performance at high and low speeds.

This all-wheel steering remarkably shrinks the turning radius of the A8 long wheelbase to 38.7 ft (11.8 m), that of an A4 sedan.

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