The new 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee has problems with the infamouse elk test

During the elk test the behavior of a car assessed during a sudden evasive maneuver.

The new 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee has problems with the infamouse elk test

The Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld that since 1970 thousands of elk tests performed, noted recently that the Jeep Grand Cherokee nearly capsized during the test. 

According to Jeep because the car was overloaded. The Swedes deny this. They write in a statement that the car was loaded with the maximum weight such that the Swedish state registration certificate, or the weight that Jeep itself has passed. These include driver, four passengers and baggage in the form of sandbags in the back.

The wheels were fitted ex-factory tires (265/50R20 Continental Cross Contact) and the manufacturer's recommended tension put. During the escape test were all safety systems. See here the video.

The experiment was performed seven times, with the Grand Cherokee shortly after submitting rode on two wheels or tires loosened the wheel, the wheel then hit the asphalt. With this problem, where the car can go "snap" and at worst turn, had the Skoda Superb in 2010 to make. Skoda has then adjustments to the recommended pressure and maximum load capacity.

During the test with the Grand Cherokee has the ESP according to the testers hardly worked. The Grand Cherokee from the previous generation had no problems during the elk test, although there are points Teknikens Värld on 'the system is not the best on the market today.

Jeep reacts in a press release on the results as follows: "Chrysler engineers have tried several times to get a true Grand Cherokee loaded on two wheels to get, without result. Together with the journal, the test is evaluated and then have three cars, eleven tests were done on the course set by the magazine. Not once responded to the car just as the original test. This result is a consequence of exceeding the maximum load of the Grand Cherokee. 

The Chrysler Group has increased doubts about safety very seriously and our engineers are investigating the events to the findings of the magazine to better understand. "Then by Jeep pointed out the high score that won the Grand Cherokee as" Top Safety Pick "by the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a kind of EuroNCAP.

"A sensational story", says a spokesman for Fiat Group Automobiles Netherlands, where Jeep belongs to, the incident. "It is nonsense for inquiry and research shows that the Jeep Grand Cherokee in question was overloaded. Chrysler Group engineers have fewer than 11 attempts with three Jeep Grand Cherokee, but normally loaded on a trail made by the magazine. Nothing to worry about. A storm in a teacup. "

The elk test in Sweden is a known phenomenon. It gained worldwide fame in 1997 when the then-new Mercedes A-class was on its side during this trial diversion and Mercedes more or less standard ESP was forced to mount this - and further damage to reputation - in the future.

In 2007, Toyota Hilux and wet with the Skoda scored poorly in 2010 as mentioned earlier with the Superb

See the video HERE!

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Source: Autolatest

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