Specs of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 for Europe! New VM Motori diesel engine!

Is on sale from € 58,245, with two petrol engines of six and eight cylinders - 286 and 352 hp respectively, and a single trim level called "Overland" ( all prices ).

Specs of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 for Europe! New VM Motori diesel engine!

We tested the less powerful, does not give much room for acceleration (for power announced) and the consumption is high in absolute terms (and normal for a car of this power, size and weight). Until late spring Diesel versions will not. Debuting a new engine 'V6', with two output variants: 190 and 241 hp.

These engines are not those of Mercedes-Benz Grand Cherokee had before, but coincidentally have the same displacement (2,987 cm). There is more information on the engines in the technical section. Jeep says nothing about a future hybrid-powered version, which does offer some of its competitors: the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid , the Lexus RX 450h , the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid and the Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid . It is a bulky and heavy SUV.

This penalizes its performance on winding roads, where it is more like a Range Rover Sport than a BMW X5 (much faster). Where they are not, is comfortable (though less than a Mercedes-Benz ML) for his suspension, because the cabin is well insulated acoustically and seats. His ability to move off road is great, whether by courts, where the suspension works magnificently, at least with coil springs, we have not tested the pneumatic-spring suspension or in overcoming difficult obstacles. With either type of suspension, rear axle and not rigid as in the previous model (more information about the suspension in the technical section ). 

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Source: Autolatest

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