Real Cadillac Escalade Hybrid fuel consumption!

5.10 meters long, two meters wide, 2.8 tons and plenty of corners and edges - this is the Cadillac Escalade.

Real Cadillac Escalade Hybrid fuel consumption!

The American luxury SUV comes as hardly wait. Not surprisingly, since the consumption of 301 kW/409 hp V8 gasoline engine. The Escalade prasst with the fuel in urban traffic flow as much as 20 liters through the lines. Hybrid on board but the situation looks quite different: 11.1 liters of gasoline, bioethanol (E85) or any mixture of both fuel per 100 kilometers, the official average fuel consumption.

In the city where the electric motor often can help, there are an average of 11.6 liters - whopping 8.4 liters less than the normal eight-cylinder. If you use the accelerator when moving off gently, the Escalade hybrid is made purely electrical in movement. Also while in operation will shut the engine off. A chart on the navigation display presents the current energy distribution of the hybrid system. It consists of a V8 engine with 248 kW/337 hp and 83 kW/113 hp electric motor. 

Author: AL
Source: Autolatest

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