Opel guarantee

Opel is committed to the future for his connection guarantees no longer advertise with the term "lifetime". The competition watchdog withdraw their complaint.

Opel guarantee
After the end of the supposedly "lifetime warranty" for Opel cars have competitive protector her action against the car manufacturer withdrew.

Opel had committed by omission declaration to apply from 2012 no longer guarantees its connection to a "lifetime", said the competition with headquarters in Bad Homburg.

They would therefore take back the complaint to the District Court of Darmstadt.

Opel had confirmed last week that the controversial guarantee as early as 1 November 2011 will no longer be offered.
Opel does away with lifetime warranty

Opel had since August 2010 advertised the alleged lifetime warranty, which is full but merely referred to a service life up to 160,000 miles and personnel placement. Material costs should be paid pro rata from 50,000 kilometers away from the customer. The references to the restrictions in the small print of the competition headquarters ranged from no.

With the amicable settlement will avoid a year-long legal dispute, said the association supported by numerous companies, competition pads.

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