Nokian Tyres plans to open a new Dayton,Tennessee in 2020

Plans for the Nokian Tyres Dayton, Tennessee, facility are in preliminary stages and we are incredibly excited about this amazing opportunity to produce tires in our first North American factory.

Nokian Tyres  plans to open a new Dayton,Tennessee in 2020

Having just made this announcement, we are still at the very beginning of the planning phase. As we move from this initial approval to the in-depth planning, into construction and eventually staffing, we look to keep the community informed and involved with our progress.

Construction plans

In this endeavor, we look forward to thinking globally and acting locally – creating jobs and joining forces with Rhea County, Tennessee, to help in its continued economic growth. As we dream up and implement plans for the new facility, which will produce about 4 million tires each year, distribute and store them, we are excited about the opportunities for engagement at the regional level while continuing to support our global partners.



We are not yet accepting applications, however as we start the hiring process we will post further information on our website and host job fairs in the area. At full employment, we expect to hire 400 people to staff our new, state-of-the-art facility. These roles will encompass a wide variety of positions and levels, each requiring their own unique skill set and background.

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