Nissan launched the new Juke 2010 in Romania

Juke, baby brother to Qashqai and Murano, has arrived, ready to shake up the establishment.

Nissan launched the new Juke 2010 in Romania
Aimed at a younger market bored with lookalike hatchbacks, Juke combines attitude, irreverence, modish style and energy with a mischevious sense of fun.

There's nothing quite like it on the roads today...

The urban landscape is about to change... and once again, it's thanks to Nissan. Juke, the newest member of Nissan's Crossover family, has arrived, and it's ready to kick complacency into touch. And European customers are impatient to get behind the wheel of a Juke as Nissan in Europe has received well over 30,000 pre-orders for Juke, with the majority of those coming before dealers even had demonstration models in their showrooms!

For too long the small hatchback market has been populated by worthy but dull machines. Now Juke has arrived, that's about to change. Juke is the world's first baby Crossover, and follows in the wheeltracks of Murano - the world's first Crossover - and the ultra successful Qashqai & Qashqai+2. Together the quartet cement Nissan's place as King of the Crossovers.

Like its bigger brothers, Juke is a distinctive combination of SUV toughness and sporting style. Conceived to inject some masculinity and dynamism into the small car market, Juke combines a number of seeming contradictions beneath its highly individual lines.

"It takes the best elements of an SUV and sports car and combines them," says Vincent Wijnen, Nissan's European Vice President for Marketing. "It's roomy yet compact, robust yet dynamic and practical yet playful.

These are qualities that seem to contradict each other, yet come together in Juke to create something that's genuinely unique."

"The design shows real optimism. By combining design elements from two genres to create a small, but striking Crossover that displays a genuine confidence and style. And those are qualities we also expect to find in the Juke customer," says Vincent Wijnen

From a design standpoint, the lower portion of Juke is pure SUV. It combines chunky wheels, wide tyres, extended ground clearance and a robust stance with a top portion that is unadulterated sports car, with a high waistline, slim visor-like side glass graphics and a coupé-style falling roofline. The coupé effect is further underlined by the rear doors which have their handles hidden in the frame of the door.

Inside, the sports car theme continues with a cockpit oriented cabin dominated by a centre console design inspired by a motorcycle fuel tank. Finished in a distinctive high gloss colour - metallic red or grey - the ‘bike' console adds a sense of fun to the car. Practicality is assured by the rear-opening hatch and versatile luggage area with hidden storage opportunities.

Juke is based on the flexible Renault Nissan Alliance B platform, already known for its dynamic characteristics and updated to meet customer needs as a compact, fun-to-drive Crossover.

On front-wheel drive versions, suspension is by MacPherson struts at the front with a torsion beam at the rear while four-wheel drive models have a multi-link rear suspension modelled on the system found on Qashqai.

The ALL MODE 4x4-i, is a new development of Nissan's respected electronic all-wheel drive system and now features rear wheel torque-vectoring technology to enhance agility and reduce understeer when cornering, delivering agile, fun-to-drive handling.

Three different engines will be available when sales start later in the year: one diesel and two 1.6-litre petrol units, all fully Euro 5 compliant. At the top of the range is a new turbocharged petrol engine (MR16DDT) with direct injection (DIG-T). The engine is one of the most powerful in its class, developing 140kW (190PS) and 240 Nm with low fuel consumption. The combination of direct injection with a turbocharger provides the power and responses expected from a 2.5-litre engine with the economy of a smaller engine.

The second petrol engine is a newly developed version from Nissan's trusted HR-family. Designated HR16DE, the lightweight, low-friction 16-valve unit now has a unique dual-injection system allowing finer metering of the fuel sprays for better combustion and develops 86kW (117 PS).

The K9K 81kW (110PS) 1.5-litre dCi common rail diesel offers excellent driveability - thanks to its heady 240 Nm of torque.

Two two-wheel drive turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine is available with a six-speed manual transmission while Nissan's XTRONIC CVT transmission, with a six-speed manual mode, will be available on the range-topping all-wheel-drive version.

The naturally aspirated 1.6-litre petrol is available either with a 5-speed manual or the updated XTRONIC CVT, while the 1.5-litre diesel engine is available with a 6-speed manual.

Range availability:

Engine Power Fuel Drive Transmission
1.5 dCi 81kW Diesel 2wd 6-speed manual
1.6i 86kW Petrol 2wd 5-speed manual
1.6i 86kW Petrol 2wd New Generation XTRONIC CVT
1.6i DIG-T 140kW Petrol 2wd 6-speed manual
1.6i DIG-T 140kW Petrol 4wd XTRONIC CVT M6

Trim and equipment options will follow the established Visia, Acenta and Tekna lines while a full range of accessories has been developed for owners who want to personalise their Juke still further. Standard equipment across all grades includes six airbags, ESP, air conditioning and a CD/radio. (Grade and equipment levels, as well as options, may vary by country.)

On higher grades, equipment can include full climate control, a rear view parking camera, Nissan Connect combined satellite navigation and audio system, as well as a new innovation, the Nissan Dynamic Control System, which gives the driver the change to optimise the car's dynamic functions to suit their needs.

17" alloy wheels, and leather trim are available as options.

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Source: Autolatest & Nissan Romania

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