Nissan Kicks is the real competior for the new Renault Kadjar 2016

With compact crossovers like the Kicks styling is absolutely key, so that's where we're going to start.

Nissan Kicks is the real competior for the new Renault Kadjar 2016

Nissan is keen to point out the aerodynamic focus of the design, arguing the car's design has been made slick as possible to improve fuel economy and cut down on cabin wind noise – though we'll reserve judgement on that front until we see some numbers.

Practical it may be, but we're not completely sold on how it looks. Although the headlamps, taillights and grille are all inoffensive on their own, there's something slightly off about the car's face and proportions.

Perhaps Nissan is hoping buyers will be distracted by the colorful roof treatment and blingy wheels, but we're not big fans of the way the whole package looks.

At the moment, there's no mention of what will power the Kicks, but expect a range of four-cylinder engines to be offered from launch. The car will initially be sold in Brazil, but will eventually make its way to over 80 global markets.

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Source: Autolatest

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