New Firestone Roadhawk tyre 2017 is better than ever

Firestone is aiming to shake up the mid-price tyre segment in Europe with the launch of Roadhawk, a tyre built to perform longer and offer drivers best in class wet grip and best in class dry braking.

New Firestone Roadhawk tyre 2017 is better than ever

Roadhawk targets mainstream motorists who drive all types of journeys – urban, highway, commute, school run, shopping – on a daily basis. These drivers want a tyre that gives them long-lasting performance in road conditions where wet weather, heavy traffic, sudden braking and motorway speed are all part of the daily mix. In short, a tyre they can always count on. 

Jake Rønsholt, Managing Director, Consumer Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe explains: “Firestone has been producing quality tyres for more than 100 years; we understand what tyres have to go through and we listen to what drivers want. This new Roadhawk is designed to give everyday drivers a high level of safety and long-lasting performance, whatever the conditions.” 

New Firestone Roadhawk has been tested and proven by TÜV SÜD, the largest independent institute for tyre and wheel technology in Europe, and has received the coveted TÜV SÜD Certification Mark. 

Best in class wet grip 

With its unique tread pattern and specially-developed compounds, Firestone Roadhawk has been designed to provide the highest possible level of wet control. The tyre achieves the top 

“A” EU-label grade for wet grip: best-in-class performance. This even beats many brands in the premium-price tyre segment. 

Best in class dry braking 

In addition to its best in class wet braking, independent TÜV SÜD tests show that the new Roadhawk also provides best in class dry braking performance1, with braking distances up to 3 metres shorter than competitor tyres. 

Built to perform longer 

Roadhawk is designed to provide long-lasting performance throughout the tyre’s life span. 

Independent TÜV SÜD tests show that Firestone Roadhawk outperforms its competitors in the wet after 20,000 kilometres’ wear2. 

Roadhawk also offers up to 20% better wear performance3 than its predecessor Firestone TZ300. 

In addition, construction of the new tyre features a lightweight carcass tuned for low rolling resistance4 giving motorists the reassurance of lower fuel consumption. 

Firestone Roadhawk will be offered in a wide line-up covering 15” to 19” rim sizes with the first wave of sizes available across Europe from January 2017. 

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Source: Autolatest

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