Mercedes M272 and M273 have a timing chain problem!

Owners of six-and eight-cylinder petrol engines from Mercedes must continue to fear for their engines.

Mercedes M272 and M273 have a timing chain problem!

Due to defects in materials may be in cars of the construction period April 2004 to September 2006, a gear wear on the timing chain. The damage is heralded by the illumination of the check engine light, and the repair costs, depending on model, up to 4700 €. Mercedes built the engines of the M272 (2,5 -, 3,0 - and 3.5-liter V6) and M273 (5.0-liter V8) model in ten rows. How many cars can be hit with M272 and M273 engine from the damage remains in the dark. The CLS of Colonel Manfred Baden broke out at mileage 102,000. Mercedes increased its share of goodwill, but remained costs € 1000.

A company spokesman told Auto Bild, that there has been "a very low failure rate of about one percent," give - some 1,500 claims. You expect only a few new complaints, most cases were already processed. This follows from an internal defect statistics - but the Mercedes keeps under wraps. Occurs in which vehicles the problem, apparently not predict. Reason: In the chain of sintered steel had come to use different material compositions. Installed only been back sprockets are made of conventional steel (September 2006), the problem was solved. End of 2008, the VW group about 25,000 Passat and Sharan cried with 2.0 TDI engine in the workshops, because it could lead to "premature wear of the gears in the balance shaft module". 

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Source: Autolatest

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