Mercedes E-Class T Modell Mortuary Vehicle 2011

A Mercedes E-Class Model of cargo space is too puny, but not in the mood for a Großraumvan, which is operated in the future at the special vehicle manufacturer Binz.

Mercedes E-Class T Modell Mortuary Vehicle 2011
Binz builds the Mercedes super-combi

The specialist for vehicles with extra length extends the Model T over 5.70 meters.
The vehicle manufacturer Binz Lorch near Stuttgart has plenty of experience when it comes to vehicles to stretch and adapt for special missions. The standard range includes a number of stretch limousines on Mercedesbase.

E-class estate with 5.76 meters in length

Brand new in the program, however, the stretched Mercedes E-Class wagon. The long-T model will be presented at the Essen Motor Show for the first time. The first prototypes are now but a test drive on the road.

Unlike other stretch in the T-model vehicles will increase the length added to complete the loading area.

The Mercedes E-Class remains a five-seater, but is waiting for a cargo space, the rich features three meters load length. So, even surfboards and other sports equipment with extra long easily stowed inside the car. This can penetrate the load without difficulty to the depths of the E-Class, Binz will offer appropriate techniques.

To achieve this gigantic cargo volume, the combination between the rear axle and the rear doors was prolonged by 86 centimeters. The wheelbase is then up to 3.735 meters, the total length increases to 5.76 meters.

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Source: Autolatest

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