How capable in off road is the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011?

Size version, the new Grand Cherokee has increased strongly.

How capable in off road is the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011?

With 4.82 meters in length (+7 cm compared to its predecessor) and 1.94 meters wide (+7 cm) it is longer and wider than the donor platform, the latest Mercedes M-class. The growth is primarily the passengers in the second row to the best, who can now feel the price range to suitable accommodation.

The cargo space also grew. For now completed sale will start at first only the top version Overland with gasoline engines at the dealership. In the area we tested the bearish 5.7-liter HEMI V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Pentastar engine For the road tests came to the Grand Cherokee with the brand-new V6 petrol engine. This Pentastar engine, which will be built gradually in other Chrysler and Jeep models seen in the Grand Cherokee made its debut.

Of 3.6 liters of displacement it generates 286 hp, maximum torque of 347 Newton meters. The blades are many more than the previous engine could mobilize. Accordingly, supple and relaxed, the motor goes to work, the lethargy of the predecessor's past. For the first time in a Grand Cherokee makes the base six-cylinder the larger V8 unnecessary, if not permanently acceleration orgies are on the wish list.

Directly slow the 2.3 ton Disckschiff is anyway not a credible 9.1 seconds for the sprint to 100 km and 206 km / h is called the sheet. Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2011: The V6 makes the V8 almost superfluous In practice, feels the V6 Grand Cherokee motorized pleasant and potent, without having to confront him at high speeds must.

The quiet power of the basement adds value in fuel consumption noticeable. In our first test drive with fast motorway sections, slow sections and unexcited cross-country trip, the onboard computer reported a consumption of 12.1 liters. According to EU standard of average consumption average is 11.4 liters. If the trip computer is not overly optimistic, this value seems to reach - the next full test will tell. The five-speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly and unobtrusively, at higher speeds, one would wish for but a sixth stage in order to reduce the speed. Has enough power for the motor.

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Source: Autolatest & 4Wheel

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