Getrag is doing well in 2012- Turnover rises to 3.1 billion Euros

German transmission systems supplier Getrag will close the year 2012 with a positive result. As the management reported today in Stuttgart, the company's turnover rises from 3.0 billion Euros in 2011 to an expected 3.1 billion Euros this year.

Getrag is doing well in 2012- Turnover rises to 3.1 billion Euros

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) will be at 188.9 million Euro. The number of employees has risen up to 13,068 globally, 542 more than last year. In total the company expects to sell 3.7 million transmission units around the globe this year, which is more than ever in company history.

Getrag is one of the largest system suppliers for passenger car transmissions with 24 locations worldwide, and headquartered in Untergruppenbach.

Mihir Kotecha, Getrag's Chief Executive Officer, commented on the results: "Although the year is not yet closed, we may well conclude that it has been a good year for Getrag in the Asian and North American markets.

Weakness in the European passenger car market will be outperformed by our growth overseas." In the short term the company does not anticipate a recovery on the European car market, but strives for fairly balanced revenue streams in Europe, North America and Asia by 2015.

Expansion in Asia

Establishing a second joint venture in China Getrag intends to exploit further potential in what is currently the world's largest car market. In October, Getrag and Chinese Dong­feng Motor Group Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to set up Dongfeng Getrag Transmission Co., Ltd. with a 50:50 ownership structure. The new company will build a new plant expected to start development and production of transmissions for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles as of 2015.

In 2006 Getrag had already established a joint venture with Jiangling Motor Corpo­ration Group (JMCG), called Getrag Jiangxi Transmission Co. Ltd. Today, this company operates four manufacturing sites in Nanchang (2), Yudu and Ganzhou.

"Our expansion in Asia produces advantages for our business on a global perspective, including Europe", Mihir Kotecha explained. "We are experiencing synergies, a transfer of know-how and expertise from these mass markets as well as economies of scale improving our global cost base. This is core to our strategy 'Go east to win the west'". Within the next five years Getrag is expecting a turnover of 1 billion Euros in Asia. It is Getrag's objective to become the second largest DCT supplier in the Chinese market by 2015.

Extended product portfolio

In addition to the regional expansion Getrag also extends its product portfolio: With its new seven-speed dual clutch transmission 7DCT300 and based on this the 7HDT300 dual clutch transmission for hybrid applications the company covers new torque ranges and application sizes.

The 7DCT300 is the first transmission of a modular family of automatics which in the coming years will be completed at the high end with the seven speed transmission 7DCT500 and as of 2015 with the China-produced six speed transmission 6DCT150 at the low end. Its sister product, the six-speed dual clutch transmission 6DCT250, starting serial production in April 2010, recently crossed the threshold of 1,000,000 units produced. No DCT in the industry reached that mark faster. As of 2013 this transmission will be produced on three continents reflecting the high demand.

The success of Getrag’s dual clutch transmissions is based on the combination of convenience, efficiency and a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Didier Lexa, Chief Technology Officer, stressed two strategic advantages of Getrag's product portfolio: "First of all, our portfolio of manual and automatic transmissions perfectly covers the different attributes required by our markets globally. Secondly, our modular approach helps us standardise and follow a common-part strategy, reducing costs and increasing flexibility."

New orders in Germany

German plants Neuenstein and Rosenberg received major orders this year, which will lead to operating business until 2020. In Rosenberg two models of a new manual transmission (6MTT220, 6MTT350) will be manufactured. Start of serial production with an estimated volume of 300,000 units is expected to be September 2013. In Neuenstein a master plan has been developed to restructure the plant into a modern lean manufacturing site.

This plan is expected to be completed by end of this year. The plant's production portfolio will step-by-step be changed to DCT transmissions until 2017. „These two examples show that we are able to produce on a competitive level in Germany as well. For both sites these are good news as this delivers business until 2020", Mihir Kotecha said.

Growth strategies for a heterogeneous global market

To further generate growth on the heterogeneous global market and to control costs Getrag consequently focuses on transmission business. Bernd Eckl, Executive Vice President Sales, Mar­keting and Business Development, explained: "While manual transmissions and DCT for high end applications are on the rise in Europe, customers in Asia prefer low and mid-torque DCT for small and medium class vehicles.

In North America we still observe a strong demand for classical automatic transmissions. However, DCT starts to gain momentum due to ecological advantages and a higher fuel efficiency. Our platform strategy allows for a cost effective, flexible and dependable production in spite of diverse requirements from the different local markets."

In future, Getrag will also focus on drivetrain electrification by means of Hybrid- and Range Extender-technologies. "Within the next 20 years the transmission will take over more tasks within a vehicle than today, this especially applies for alternative drives", Bernd Eckl concluded. For 2016 Getrag expects a volume of 5.6 million transmissions sold with a total turnover of 3.6 billion Euros.

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Source: Autolatest

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