First profit in three years of Ford Europe

The U.S. carmaker Ford has for the first time in three years, a positive result in the second quarter in Europe.

First profit in three years of Ford Europe

This is evident from the figures that the second-largest U.S. automaker announced Thursday.

In the past quarter, the group recorded in Europe grossed $ 14 million (approximately EUR 10 million).

A year earlier it was still a loss, before tax, of $ 306 million ago. Ford is in his own words on track starting next year in Europe to the line to be profitable., net of taxes, Ford sold last quarter in Europe, 6.6 percent more cars than a year earlier.

Except in Europe, Ford also produced in China more cars to the man. Sales in the Asian country increased by 35 percent. Gross profit in North America rose to the record level of $ 2.4 billion.

The increase is primarily due to cost savings. Sales fell on the home continent by 3 percent compared with a year earlier.

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Source: Autolatest

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