Bosch presents new radar sensor LRR4 2014

Many high-performance assistance systems use a radar sensor to map the vehicle’s surroundings.

Bosch presents new radar sensor LRR4 2014


The advantage of these sensors is that they can measure extremely accurately the distance and speed of vehicles on the road ahead. Bosch has now developed a new long-range radar sensor.

Like its predecessors, it uses the 77-gigahertz frequency bandwidth. It is also even more powerful, compact, and cost-effective than its direct predecessor. “The new radar sensor can detect obstacles and vehicles cutting in even faster,” says Gerhard Steiger, president of the Chassis Systems Control division.

“This means that safety functions such as automatic emergency braking can be triggered earlier.” The fourth generation of Bosch long-range radar sensors, or LRR4 for short, goes into series production in 2014.Wider aperture provides more information about surroundings.

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Source: Autolatest

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