BMW 7 Series has recieved a facelift for 2013

BMW has renewed the 7 Series luxury sedan. There is a new generation but an upgrade of the existing model.

BMW 7 Series has recieved a facelift for 2013

There are cosmetic changes, equipment, technology and engines. Remains available in two body styles, short and long.

Alternatives to the BMW 7 Series are the Audi A8 , the Jaguar XJ and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The outer dimensions of the BMW 7 Series have varied slightly in some of its dimensions. Measuring 7 mm in length both in the short version and in the long run. The width excluding mirrors does not change (1.90 m), but it does if we have them in mind (8 mm).

The decreased height 9 mm in the case of short and has increased body 3 mm in the case of the long body.

There is new equipment available. Includes LED lights for all lighting functions. The front seats have a new design for more comfort. 

Optionally you can buy sports seats that enhance lateral support, or others with more regulations. Also available is a new audio system called "Bang & Olufsen High End Surround Sound System" with 16 speakers.

The range of BMW Series July 2012 consists of three petrol-versions 740i, 750i and 760i-730d three diesel-versions, xDrive 740d and 750D-and-ActiveHybrid7 a hybrid variant.

The gearbox is always eight-speed automatic. Versions 750i, 740d and 730d can have the AWD system "xDrive." The 750D is standard xDrive.

The 750i version retains the V8 engine, but has been modified to give more power (450 versus 408 hp) and consume less (8.6 compared to 11.4 l/100 km). The engine of the 760i version gives the same power (544 hp) and its consumption is reduced one tenth compared to the previous (now consumes 12.8 l/100km).

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Source: Autolatest

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