BMW 1 Series vs BMW 3 Series : Design a duel 2011

Different segments and different types of bodywork, but have a similar appearance. Where directed design of Munich's cars?

BMW 1 Series vs BMW 3 Series : Design a duel 2011

Despite the two different variants of bodywork for the car, which govern the basic aspects of shape in the form of deepening the current morphology BMW. This trend is the increasing segmentation of the body while maintaining elegance. It should be noted přiostření significant detail and a slightly modified approach to the architecture of the dashboard.

Since you can not duel on the same vehicle size class, playing table dimensions are rather complementary role. The only one of these dimensions, where David grows Goliath , the height (+5 mm). Otherwise, it is a huge difference in favor of the BMW 3 not longer rear overhang, but also significantly longer wheelbase.

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Source: Autolatest

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