20 years of Ford Mondeo-The Hostory of a best selling medium size sedan

Ford through short film with commentary in filing the popular actor Ray Winston recalls the twenty year history Mondeo.

20 years of Ford Mondeo-The Hostory of a best selling medium size sedan

At its premiere in 1993 represented a Mondeo in the Ford quite significant revolution because it became the first representative of the blue oval in the middle class, who left the classical concept of rear-wheel drive.

Go to the front wheel drive with a new design and name was strike home. Mondeo Although not caused at launch such a stir as Sierra ten years earlier, but it boasts the title of European Car of the Year 1994 and the very respectable sales results in the European market .

The second generation Mondeo was launched in 2000 with a completely new design and many new safety systems. Compared to the first generation was the appearance of this version much more conservative, which, however, did not show any negative in its sales figures.

The third generation joined in 2007, and its launch was preceded output in the blockbuster movie Casino Royale, when behind the wheel Mondeo sat very James Bond.

The latest, the fourth generation Mondeo , Although introduced in 2012, but the launch of the European markets to be held until the end of next year.

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Source: Autolatest

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