The beginning (1898-1918) The story of Renault is first and foremost the story of a man with an unusual destiny. The adventure began on December 24, 1898, when Louis Renault took up a challenge to drive his A-type Voiturette up the steep Rue Lepic in Montmartre, Paris. The exploit won him his first 12 orders. The company continued to grow as Renault began winning road races: Paris-Berlin, Paris-Vienna... Louis Renault gambles and wins A leader's childhood Louis Renault was born into a typically bourgeois Parisian family in February 1877. The youngest of five children, he had two sisters and two brothers. His father, Alfred, a conscientious businessman, had built up a comfortable fortune through the sale of fabrics and buttons. His mother, Louise, the daughter of well-to-do shopkeepers, enjoyed entertaining and the arts. Louis was a pampered child. At an early age he developed an enthusiasm for all things mechanical, including engines and electricity â