Lorinser - the history of a world success External building in the 60's the hour of zero. On 1 March 1930 the motor vehicle master Erwin Lorinser in Waiblingen created a free automobile workshop. Their outstanding call spread fast. With its enthusiasm and its prepared to take risks shank made he immediately Daimler Benz at that time AG on itself attentive.

As more officially a "retailer for passenger car and commercial motor vehicles" he took over workshop-moderate support and service responsibility. 1974 handed Erwin over Lorinser the enterprise continuously grown to his son Manfred and ordered it to the managing director. In that 1976 newly established branch Winnenden were established apart from the sales of passenger car and commercial motor vehicles the sport service Lorinser - the today world-well-known and world-wide active improving enterprise.

Showroom Waiblingen the sport service Lorinser looks on over 30 years experience in the refinement of automobiles of the mark Mercedes Benz back. The sport service has its origin in the Motorenmanufaktur. This line of business developed rapidly and in the middle of the 70's vehicles with optical attachments was individualized, whose Design was at that time already trend-setting. 1981 were registered to sport service Lorinser as an independent company into the trade register. When mark admits meanwhile world-wide, sport service Lorinser has today contract dealers in 42 countries of the earth.

 The mark Lorinser stands for the individuality and enthusiasm at the automobile, for innovation and Design, for technological maximum performances and highest customer satisfaction. Managing director and founders Marcus and Manfred Lorinser the outstanding call of the sport service Lorinser tightened fast a number of prominent customers from sport and show Business - like Bernie Ecclestone, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Paul Tracy, Shaquille O'Neal, Denzel Washington, Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger - over only some to call. Since 2006 Marcus Lorinser at the point of the enterprise stands and passes the fate on of the Lorinser group in the second generation.

Of Winnenden into the world With contract dealers in 42 countries in the world the Lorinser group became one of the most well-known marks within the range automobile refinement. The most important sales markets are Europe, the USA, Japan and China. In addition, are in Russia and the Ukraine as well as the united Arab emirates, in Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia ever more trailer of the work of Lorinser.