Tractor manufacturer Ferruccio Lamborghini built his first cars as a hobby, using modified Fiat parts. Ferruccio Lamborghini, then a successful tractor maker, was an ambitious and motivated young expertiser. Before founding Lamborghini, his business had already expanded to oil burners and air conditioning units. Having own the best examples of luxury cars including American and Ferraris, he had his own idea of what an idea GT was. He always had much respect for Enzo Ferrari and considered Ferraris as the only cars he was competing with. However, it is said (and himself does not really deny it) that he had trouble with his Ferrari 250GT and had decided to go and complain to Maranello personally. Having not been received with the respect he expected, he decided to build his own GT car, a car that would be better than his Ferrari, of course. Lamborghini was highly motivated. He poured countless money into his new advanced factory which is just 15km away from Maranello and employed some ingenious engineers to design the car. Those engineers including Giotto Bizzarrini (the man who designed the engine of Ferrari 250GTO), Giampaolo Dallara (the founder of Dallara racing co. and an ingenious chassis designer) and Paolo Stanzani (who would became chief engineer of Countach). With these people and sufficient funding, the first car, 350GTV, debut in 1963 Turin motor show and immediately became the star of the show. Then in 10 years time followed by a string of new cars, including the famous Miura and Countach, both of the are considered as among the greatest supercars of all time. When Lamborghini's future seemed to be promising, it was actually suffering continuous loss, because the extreme cost for such high tech cars and the oil crisis further increased the difficulty for selling super cars. F. Lamborghini finally sold the factory in 1972 and the production was stopped for 2 years as a result. Since then, the control of the company had shifted to different hands many times and the financial instability was unchanged. In 1987, it was taken over by Chrysler and enjoyed sufficient fund again. Most money was put into the Diablo project, which made it better developed than any previous models. Besides, an unknown amount of investment was put into the Formula 1 engine program, which saw some potential but finally ended when Chrysler pulled out. Anyway, the US giant maker sold Lamborghini to Megatech, a Malaysian company, in the early 90s. Meanwhile, the owners became Malaysian company Mycom Setdco and the Indonesian company V'Power. In the new owner's hands, Lamborghini started to find its momentum and strengthening itself. In 1998, Volkswagen group bought the supercar specialists via its subsidiary, Audi. Given the financial strength and the ambition of the German empire, hopefully the future will be brighter.