"Thinking ahead" was one of the mottos of the young and successful rally driver Günther Irmscher. In 1968, the master motor mechanic and engineer set up a small business in a double garage in the Swabian town of Winnenden. Thanks to the pioneering spirit and tireless dedication of Günther Irmscher, the original two-man engine tuning outfit developed into a flourishing group of companies. Nowadays, the name Irmscher is a synonym for sporty, fast and successful Opel vehicles. The history of Irmscher begins, as with so many firms, in a double garage in the town of Winnenden near Stuttgart ... Name: Irmscher-Tuning Start-up capital: proceeds from the sale of a rally Kadett Günther Irmscher - already known for his rally and racing triumphs and armed with a foreman's certificate and engineering degree - sets up on his own with two employees... Objective: to specialise in engine tuning - for Opel and others. Sports contract with Adam Opel AG - development of what is to become a highly successful European Opel dealer team. 1986-Expansion of production capacity to 35,000 units per year. 1988 -Presentation of design sketch of the sports coupé Irmscher GT. 1989-Establishment of production plants for special series in Saragossa, Spain. 1990-The Irmscher Senator 4.0 and the Omega Evolution 500 roll off the assembly line. 1991-The Opel training centre is opened on Irmscher's premises. Cooperation with various companies in the automotive industry (e.g. Daewoo, Renault, Saab). A cooperation agreement is concluded between Irmscher and Renault S.A., Paris. Irmscher now also has a vehicle production branch in England. 1992-The top Renault model Baccara Biturbo rolls off the Irmscher assembly line. At the new plant in Saragossa/Spain, the production of Opel Corsa and Tigra special models is launched, covering an area of 55,000 m². 1998-Start of plastic parts production in the third, newly built Irmscher plant in Eisenach. Establishment of a new representative Opel dealership in Winnenden, the birthplace of the company. Irmscher celebrates its 30th anniversary with the exclusive special Vectra model "Irmscher i30". The Irmscher racing team achieves its first successes since re-entering the STW championship. 2003-35th anniversary of the company and presentation of the jubilee edition i35. 2004-Irmscher produces the 'new Vectra i500' based on the Opel Vectra GTS.