The Ford oval trademark is one of the best-known corporate symbols in the world and has been in regular use for more than 50 years. The script trademark dates back to the very beginning of the company when Henry Ford's engineering assistant developed a stylised version of the words Ford Motor Company. Ford is renowned for being the driving force of industrial revolution by introducing mass production. It was founded by Henry Ford in 1903 in Detroit. Two years later, the production rate rose to 1,700 cars a year, mostly was the early Model A. He continued the alphabetic naming rule. By 1908, he went through 19 letters and had gone to Model S. However, the real revolution was the next one, Model T. Success of the early Model T was due to its simple and reliable design. Because of its low cost, it attracted 11,000 customers in the first year, breaking any previous world record. By 1913, Ford was producing half of the cars sold in the US, but Henry Ford did not feel content with this result. He built the first mass production plant in that year. It employed streaming production lines. Every worker was assigned a specific place to do a specific task. The cars move automatically from one assembly stage to another, at last finishing all the work. This smoothened the production process, thus increase efficiency. Continuing improvement eventually raised the production rate to one car every 10 seconds ! As a result, cost reduced and Ford reduced the price, which boost sales and reduced production cost again. At last the Model T was sold at just $260, which fulfilled the dream of the American public. Cars became a transportation for every ordinary American. Henry Ford had another contribution to the industrial revolution : he set a minimum wage of $5 per day, which is more than double the existing minimum rate. He explained that was not only a social revolution but also helped its workers to buy more Model T ! He said "If you cut wages, you just cut the number of your customers" After the 19 years of production, Model T set a production record of 15,007,033 units, which was not broken until Volkswagen Beetle. In 1922, the world no. 1 car maker bought Lincoln as its luxurious cars division. Undoubtedly, Henry Ford was a great production expert, but he seemed to be not so great in engineering and marketing. There was a joke about the lack of choice of Model Tâ