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Test Drive: Porsche Cayenne Diesel

No, the onboard computer is not broken, 1040 kilometers, that is 1040 kilometers remaining range, it shimmers me amber from the central display of the Cayenne tool carrier opposite.

Test Drive: Porsche Cayenne Diesel
In the head I bend over the geographical consequences: If the onboard computer is not completely wrong, I could go with a full fuel reservoir loose from Munich travel to Monaco, without even visiting the gas station must in a Porsche SUV.

How does it work? Quite simply, the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer has recognized the signs of time and a modern diesel engine in the Cayenne Softroader transplanted.

Return after 46 years

You have already deeply embedded in the corporate history of digging to get on a Porsche model with self-igniter to come: 1963 was the last series vehicles fitted with diesel engines - and they were tractors with a maximum of 50 hp. No wonder then that the Zuffenhausen for the re-introduction of the first Gl├╝hkerzenmotors on an aggregate of the Group shelf set.

Brawny Under the bonnet of the Porsche SUV provides an enhanced version of the 3.0-liter V6 TDI for tunneling, which have long been in the Cayenne relatives Audi Q7 and VW Touareg to acquire.

With piezo injectors, swirl control valve and an exhaust gas recirculation system to the technicians of the V6 to greater efficiency and improved response breakthrough. The performance data, 240 hp and 550 Newton meters torque, after the hardware update, however, exactly on Audi and VW level.

Onto the road

Exactly the same as motorized Q7 Cayenne also transmits its power over a traditional automatic conversion to all four wheels. The gear turns soft, but feels more comfortable because of the dedicated driving obliged.

Especially striking is the attempt by a smooth light-offs: In the deadlock over the full gas and the gearbox can be - felt - half an eternity, time until the command is implemented in advance. Really sporty does not.

Once the first load, but is in motion, the V6 packs down to around beary. To the 2,000 trips feels the most comfortable drift rate, because here are fierce 550 Newton meters above the crankshaft ago. Until just under 4,000 trips the engine will turn up, but then lose to the red area of lust and power. Typical diesel flat.

Beautifully quiet

Also inside you have to look more precisely: The red area of the huge speed meter starts at about 4,500 trips - in a region, then, usually in the driver for Porsche the fun really begins.

Who provides this information about who will be turning the ignition key is not on the trim, because of noise insulation, the Porsche Acousticians entire job. Even with a cold engine idling and no annoying calls by nailing extra Soundproofed windshield.


According to requires the Porsche diesel SUV 8.3 seconds to reach 100 to pace. Sounds not bad, feels in real life but not really spectacular at. In 214 cases is an end to boring. A fire SUV-athletes, the self-igniter that is in no case.

Overall fit the engine characteristics but to a large Schwabenland, rears are permanent relaxed soaring gliding and thus supports the existing savings potential perfectly. Porsche is called as total consumption 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers. According to on-board computer verfeuerten us on a tour on a motorway, Swabian country roads and through the city, however, something more: 11.9 liters per 100 kilometers, the display finally showed that although the head and right foot of the driver can not really into the savings mode.

Sporty Feeling

One reason is the same as the diesel Cayenne superbly tuned suspension. Thanks to the optional air suspension (2,963 euros extra) is not only the building in height, but also in the substructure of the hardness adjusting. A pressure on the major sports button lowers the body that prevent the loss, tightens Gasannahme significantly shortened and the switching times of the Tiptronic. Like a 911, the Cayenne is not so even through the turns, but leaves for such a large, highly built heavy vehicle and a surprisingly brisk pace to. For an SUV remains the Wankneigung in pleasing narrow limits, the sovereign grip ensures high speed cornering and good traction out of the turn out.

The steering is precise, but feels for the curve a little too easy for predators and could be a little more direct translation tolerated. The braking system with ventilated discs all round with the approximately 2.5 tons of very well-equipped test car amazingly relaxed and ready reflected in long-term stress unimpressed.

Save with Porsche?

At the gas pump like the Cayenne, the finances of its owner's life, when you buy but definitely not. The entry into the World Diesel costs 56,436 euros for Porsche - the virtually identical motorized VW Touareg and Audi Q7 are 49,550 or 51,950 euros considerably cheaper.

In addition, the Stuttgart also in all the niceties Cayenne princely reward. How about a metallic paint? Taste 904. Floor mats? 160 Euro. Cruise control? 440 Euro. Even for an automatic climate control you have in SUV Nobel 464.10 euros in addition berappen. But at least worth a comparison with its six-cylinder counterparts: according to Porsche, the bill makes diesel, including the factors acquisition price, and fuel tax, already an annual mileage of 20,000 kilometers paid.

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Test efectuat la: 5.02.2009 | 10:18 EET


Test efectuat la: 5.02.2009 | 10:18 EET

MAX POWER(hp/rpm)240/4000
WIDTH C(mm)1928
MASS EMPTY (kg)2240
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)214
0-100 km/h (secunde)8.3
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)9.3
PRET Without taxes (euro)56.436
With taxes (euro)
CAROSERIE Inside Space10
Quality of materials9
Standard Equipement8
Trunk Space10
CONFORT Confort10
Seats front/rear10/10
Air Conditioning Quality9
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement8
80-120 km/h7
Fuel Consumption10

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