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Test Drive of the new Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 150 HP 2012- The new generation is back

Ford has shown us in the past two years is one of the most dynamic manufacturers around the world despite the fact that its home market Ford USA had passed with flying colors United Auto Crisis of two years ago.

Test Drive of the new Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 150 HP 2012- The new generation is back

The blame for this success is present at the helm of Allan Mulally of Ford who has managed to stabilize the giant Boeing in the early 1990s by launching the 777 and the restructuring of the company's cars in an extremely alert.

The first step was made in the USA where the models pick up F Series received for the first time in the American automotive history an V6 EcoBoost  engine that have gradually replaced the old and thirsty V8 gasoline sites.

In Europe Ford has put into practice the same strategy that has given birth to Ford Craiova plant and the engine of the year, the famous 1.0 EcoBoost 125 HP. This engine is found also in the bigger Focus and the new Mondeo range recently launched in Europe.

The engine with the 3-cylinder in-line supercharged demonstrated in real life that there is a clear small diesel replacement without having a huge gasoline consumption.


There are many clients of Ford in Europe who wants patterns found across the ocean and complaining that Ford Europe is not able to offer American feel cars here.

To completely change this mentality Ford developed in secret in Australia the next generation pick-up models which must not only replace an already known Ranger but to compete and to challenge the competitors from Asia as the Toyota Hilux and the Mitsubishi L200.

To be successful the new Ranger is present today in 2012 in a completely new form, with the highest body of the market, the most comfortable interior and with a range of diesel that are not anything worst than what the competition offers.


Every time I put face to face an older Ranger and a Toyota Hilux I couldn't notice the fact that the Japanese were offering more car for the same amount of money, a problem that is no longer a in the case of the revised Ranger 2013.

At first glance, the new Ranger is wider than its competitors, which see the detail better on the inside where the American offers the highest bandwidth of the passenger compartment. For those who are sitting in the back seat is the seat of Hilux but much larger than a Navara or a Toyota.

Cargo space is not covered at the level of the equipment Limited and offers of more utility look.

We are familiar with the big Ford F150 like I wanted and an easy entry to cargo space but unfortunately we are still in Europe and clients here are not so demanding as the Americans.

And let's not forget the need to say that the new Ford Ranger is the safest pick-up in Europe, it managed to receive for the first time in the segment for a total of 5 stars EuroNCAP.


After Autolatest and Whattruck team has tested over the years, all models offer pick-up for Romania we must say that inside the new Ranger is the best in all respects.

The dash is massive and utilizes many of the systems Ford fitted me series models, the audio system of the Focus and central display from the little Fiesta. Otherwise the climate control with two areas has large buttons to be able to be operated by a driver who leads with gloves.

The front seats for the Limited version are big and offers a very good lateral support, while the center console somewhat massive offers sufficient space for drinks and cup holders.

From the ergonomic point of view, the new Ranger is the best in its class because it utilizes many of the items found in dozens of years of use of the F series machines in the US market.

The station's visibility is aided by a large windscreen and mirrors of the gigantic. Simply into a Ranger you do not have to adjust the position of the side mirrors because about all drivers see traffic without any problems.


The old Ranger was a pick-up honest because they do not Excel in terms of off its competitors, but also because they have under the hood a classic diesel TDCI 143 BHP which gave both top performance as well as a consumer medium.

The car is new and Ford has developed a new 4-cylinder engines which fortunately can not be considered a downsizing engine. We say this because the diesel 2.2-litre TDCI has been used for the first time on the Land Rover Defender 2012 and provides a maximum power Ranger of 150 HP and a moment of 375 Nm.

If we look at the competition we can say that this 2.2 liter is more powerful than a 2.5 D-4D of the Toyota through the simple fact that it has a larger engine. Only Nissan's dCI 2.5 liters engine with 190 HP is much more refined and more powerful.

On the road the new TDCI don't go thinking very quickly as under the hood there's only 4-cylinder to aid the account comes and the new 6-speed automatic transmission borrowed from the American models. It can work wonders when it is coupled to a 2.2-litre TDCI by simple fact that offers driver and road performance and a top but the lowest average in the category.

On the highway at a cruise speed of 100 km/h the rpm stays at 1,900 rpm and the fuel consumption is 7.5 liters for each 100 km traveled. When we go with 130 km/h the rpm is at 2,400 rpm in the 6-th gear..

Even if the new transmission from the Ford gets very good grades we can not forget that the pick-up the most refined automatic transmission remained the Hilux's 5-speed, a box made from the Land Cruiser models.


When you look at a Ranger 2012 you can't notice the front suspension and the high ground clearance on the back. The undercarriage is set to offer a behavior on the road almost to the level of a Nissan Navara which is still considered the most athletic pick-up in Europe.

Ford has managed to create an ideal compromise between a very good behavior on the road and one admired when we go outside. Automatic gearbox allows the driver to switch to the right and over the most threatening obstacles.

The driver can switch the transfer case of a simple button on the console between the front seats.

For those who want the thrill has to say as a Ranger has the best angle of attack of the pick-up models but not one of the evolution of a Hilux. The wheelbase is not a friend of the driver of the car in off road conditions but offers a good behavior on the road.

The ESP stability system is standard and it becomes a reliable friend when the car is equipped with M + S tires is snow.


This car is great, it is strong, it is economical and last but not least it has a history that cannot be forgotten easily.

Simply the new Ford Ranger is currently the only competitor for the mythical Toyota Hilux, which holds supremacy in the southern hemisphere of the planet Earth.

This time the car is able to compete with a Toyota Hilux or a VW Amarok ZF8 without too much trouble but only when equipped with the 3.2-liter TDCI sales and 200 hp.



The safest pick-up on the market in Europe

The biggest pick-up in Europe

Powerful diesel engine (375 Nm)

Refined and efficient 6-speed automatic gearbox

Loading capacity

Purchase price in comparison with competing models

The car is capable of going off road without problems



TDCI engine of 125 HP is not advisable to buy

The automatic gearbox is good but not as refined as that of the Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D

The lack of engine 3.2 TDCI for the car in this test drive

Top versions with a relatively high purchase price

Lower resale value in comparison with the Hilux or Amarok in Europe

Author: Lucian Dumitrescu
Source: Autolatest



Test efectuat la: 27.12.2012 | 12:00 EET


Test efectuat la: 27.12.2012 | 12:00 EET

MAX POWER(hp/rpm)150/3750
WIDTH C(mm)1850
MASS EMPTY (kg)2200
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)175
0-100 km/h (secunde)12.6
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)9.4
PRET Without taxes (euro)-
With taxes (euro)38.000
CAROSERIE Inside Space10
Quality of materials8
Standard Equipement9
Trunk Space10
CONFORT Confort10
Seats front/rear10/9
Air Conditioning Quality10
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement9
80-120 km/h8
Fuel Consumption9

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