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Test Drive -Infiniti G37 S vs BMW 335i Coupe

If in recent times, a brand has emerged as standard of sportsmanship, that has been BMW. As icon to overcome, a good number of opponents you beat it with a claim arise.

Test Drive -Infiniti G37 S vs BMW 335i Coupe
The latest is Infiniti G37 Coupe S which stands as a serious contender.

The Infiniti is shown as a great unknown for the car enthusiast in our country. No wonder, for his exclusive distribution in North America until recently made him a strange newcomer, so we will try to answer all those who do not sound at all. Infiniti is the mark of the Nissan-Renault alliance designed to create niche products and high level of performance and luxury. Recently it has taken the decision to extend its marketing to other areas of the world, as our continent.

Discover BMW now, is misplaced, though perhaps not widely available some of its leaders thought they could make us understand his leadership. Not the first time you hear some people say that the only way to survive in a market as aggressive a year to maintain technological advantage over its rivals, whatever the system introduced. Thus, for example, the Infiniti engine without adjectives might leave before his excellent performance.

But the BMW is that indeed is a generation ahead. Forgot your dogma atmospheric, the German brand embarks on the supercharger, dual in this case, technology that will dominate until the reign of hybrids.

As exciting machines sometimes available for test drives incorporate certain options that modify the basic parameters of performance. This happens with the BMW 335i Coupé between option package which includes the wheels and tires more diameter and width. The team running costs over 1,600 euros, so the explanation is not trivial. It also incorporates Active Steering, an item that costs more or less the same.

So enjoy the frame of this unit out, at least for about 3,200 euros more than its initial price. That if, for this money we will have on hand a total machine, at least on dry asphalt. Seldom have driven a four-seater vehicle with precision, and effectiveness of this instantaneous 335i Coupe. And look great cars that have passed through our hands! That yes, when low adhesion, the weight distribution, with highly charged and behind the waterfall directed torque to the rear wheels that makes us more cautious to take advantage of the wide grip tires.

Two very different styles between the European and Japanese.

The Infiniti G37 Coupe has as standard four-wheel steering. With this, whether a car of extreme adventure directional capability. At first, even surprising. In many brands, seeking maximum agility can reach extremes that exceed what is reasonable.

The G37 Coupe S touches the boundary. Indeed, where is more comfortable the driver is in sharp curves, those of almost half a turn of wheel. Come mountain forks. In the other, if you are cruising really fast, the driver is working hard at the wheel, with minor corrections, usually by turning over until you get used.

Also, this car suffers a major oversteer if you accelerate at high speed at the exit of the corners, at which time control of stability "he anchors" so intrusive. So, interestingly, if we should extract its full potential out of the corners of midrange, with a higher gear than they could for speed. Thus, the ESP is much more 'quietly' and not the car stops at every exit of the corner.


Focusing on the engines, the Infiniti newcomer's known for its high capacity, but do not forget the advanced technology with high compression ratio with variable distribution diagram and height of the intake valves. Demonstrates enviable health, with 27 extra hp and more torque mkg. The delivery of this is very progressive, because at 1500 rpm and 30 mkg rub, a figure more than ample to get the Infiniti of any rut by very long the way in which they circulate. Other tests more, needing little more than 33 seconds to recover in sixth gear from 50 km / h-turning about 1,200 rpm motor to the kilometer-and realizes the mechanical elasticity of V6.

Its means are also powerful, taking into account that in this engine, means means the band between 3,000 and 6,000 rpm, since it is capable of reaching the 7,500, where it still comes pretty cool.

All this poses a motor for nothing objectionable-even fuel consumption is more than reasonable for a machine of this performance and less than the BMW-but then, time to analyze the line six-cylinder 335i, with two turbochargers, then begins to open his mouth to test its performance.

To begin, say at 1000 rpm and delivers about 36 mkg, reaching over 44 when the rival V6 was still below 30. One advantage of practically 50 per cent. And from that regime to beyond 5,200 rpm is always situated above this torque figure. That's why we use the gearshift action is almost negligible in the sense that the response in any situation is imposing. We are on the march that we are and whatever the engine speed, the throttle is an instantaneous gain speed pace of vertigo. Such is their elasticity, which in the event where the Infiniti took those 33 seconds, the BMW needs a little more than 28. Without words.

Comfort poured

As today, it arises and running in the background, manufacturers insist, fortunately, in making their models more and more pleasant to use. Our BMW, again, enjoy overpriced options: sunroof, lumbar adjustment seats, parking distance control, cruise control, professional sound system and other less prominent. Finally, a package of high cost but that seems to minimize the stiff sport suspension and very low profile tires but, basically, what happens is that no stone is necessary that the set-up for this extraordinary result.

Attractive approach, performance and handling.

The seats are good but not exceptional and the little wheel-optionally also facilitates its management but not the visibility of the board. It looks very elegant, but with the Infiniti let's start with your least-studied detail. The rear seats placed his head under a transparent bezel, so on long trips during sunny days, sunlight can be on the agenda. W hat should be used inside the car. As a clear advantage: the instrument panel moves with the steering wheel control and therefore can be placed in any position that does not interfere with your vision. Excellent.

The seats have better-looking armchair-type-more than the BMW, but despite being quite a hundred miles above them, we fail to ensure that they are more comfortable. Behind in both, space is enough for two adults traveling with ease, although, of course, access to the rear seats requires an ability to flex own middle-aged people, maximum.

Within the standard equipment of both contenders, BMW requires extra money for certain security features. These are: automatic activation of headlamps and adaptive headlights, spare wheel-existent in the 335i, and parking sensor. This is almost 1180 euros, which is money. All these elements come standard on the Infiniti model that also boasts spare wheel that will get us out of trouble, while the BMW will force us to call the crane in many cases.

The analysis leads to the brakes as little surprise. It is true that the Infiniti has larger discs and twin piston front calipers on. But we must recognize that we did not expect, a priori, that would improve the figures of the BMW, as has been the case, and in addition, a large proportion.

Infiniti favorable price

Price is another chapter where the Infiniti is ahead of the BMW. Not only is clearly less costly-about 3,800 euros in the price, but the difference in equipment is transferred to very substantial figures. In equal equipment, we talk about 8650 euros. And we ignore the higher-Infiniti warranty for another year-and the longest in paint and corrosion.

Best BMW

- Efficient dynamic
- Motor impressive
- Touch of Quality

Best of Infiniti

- Equipment
- Motor
- Brake

BMW worst

- Delicate wet
- Practical interior
- No spare wheel

- Rear seats in the sun
- Noise rear
- Luggage fair

Author: AL
Source: Autolatest & Autopista



Test efectuat la: 4.11.2009 | 04:29 EET


Test efectuat la: 4.11.2009 | 04:29 EET

  G-37Serie 3
DISPLACEMENT (cmc)36962979
MAX POWER(hp/rpm)320/7000306.5800
WIDTH C(mm)18201782
MASS EMPTY (kg)17061600
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)249250
0-100 km/h (secunde)5.85.5
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)10.59.5
PRET Without taxes (euro)40.67253.497
With taxes (euro)
CAROSERIE Inside Space910
Quality of materials810
Standard Equipement810
Trunk Space105
CONFORT Confort99
Seats front/rear10/910/6
Air Conditioning Quality1010
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement109
80-120 km/h910
Fuel Consumption99

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