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Rewiew of the new Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDI engine

Test drive of the new Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi with automatic gearbox for Europe.

Rewiew of the new Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDI engine

Since 2002, the Kia Sorento is in this country on the market, and now he is completely revised. First, the fresh SUV celebrates the IAA auto show, 17 to 27 September 2009 premiere, in November 2009, it goes on sale. We are the new edition is already gone with the powerful 2.2 CRDi 197 hp combined with a six-speed automatic.

Now with Tiger Nose The Sorento has become much more pleasing. From the front, the SUV can be seen clearly at the Kia as a freshly styled face.

The new grill is called by the designers' tiger nose ". This current bear is already the face of brand Magentis and the Soul, also appearing in the September 2009 Cee'd comes this fresh outfit. The Sorento looks more elegant than its predecessor: The new was nine inches longer and two inches shallower. The side view also extends over 4.68 meters and has a special especially the modified C-and D-pillars.

The small window in the rear moved a bit backwards, thus results in a better view when reversing. At the rear, large rays, drawn into the fold lamps. As an option, they are also in LED optics. Get rid of the ladder frame: Strong slimmed The real revolution took place behind the stylish outfit. The ladder frame has had its day and had to give way to a monocoque body. This saves, depending on equipment, up to 215 kilograms in weight.

The newly designed chassis offers Mehrlenkerverbundachse now instead of independent suspension front and rear. Now available for seven people Also, the interior was very tidy. Although the wheelbase has been shortened by one centimeter to 2.70 meters, all have enough room.

In the back we have plenty of room for heads and knees and enjoy the opportunity, the inclination of the backrest to be adjusted continuously.

Only the wheel wells has been pulled far forward a little upset when embarking and disembarking. Brand new is the option to order two single seats for the third row. The child's chairs can be folded into the boot floor. To reach the third row to be in the middle row of seats double folded outer forward. If the additional stalls not on board, there is under a flap in the trunk of an additional pocket for odds and ends.

At the five-seater, the maximum usable storage space varies from 531 to about 1582 liters, the seven-seater, depending on its configuration from 111 up to 1546 liters of space. Navigation from the factory until mid-2010 The cockpit have done well, the renovation work. The comfort of our test car's seats are upholstered in brown leather and offer plenty of lateral support. Brown is also the wooden trims on the instrument panel - who do not like it, you can also order a black interior.

The tools behind the four-spoke steering wheel stuck in cylinders and light colored three-dimensional. Among the optional features include a rearview camera, whose image appears on the interior mirror. Only a large factory Navi Sorento customers have to wait until mid-2010. Until then, a retrofit solution can be ordered.

More fuel-efficient engines Downsizing is also a major topic at Kia: So are offered for the Sorento a 2.4-liter gasoline engine with 174 hp and a 2.2-liter diesel with 197 hp.

A six-cylinder petrol, as with its predecessor is in this country to have no more. The two new engines derive their power either to a six-speed manual transmission or a six-converter automatics with manual lane. Powerful Diesel Our test car had the automatic transmission in combination with the diesel engine on board.

The machine is not particularly quiet at idle, but remains at normal cruising speed audible in the background. Already from the start of ignition moves off powerfully, with maximum torque of 436 Newton-meter is already on at 1800 Tour and is held up to 2,500 rpm.

The transmission performs his duties smoothly, but should be happy to respond faster during kickdown. Overall, the Sorento 2.2 CRDi Automatic with a sprint of 10.0 seconds and a peak of 190 km / h ordinary performance. The consumption of the Euro-5-Kia Machine valued at 7.4 liters.

Four-wheel drive with new features We feel the new Kia SUV as an appropriate means of transportation for long distances. The suspension absorbs bumps off the ground comfortably and reported only short bursts, for example when driving over manhole covers, felt inside. We can also be quite dynamic on the road with the Sorento, but the steering is tuned for a sporty driving style is too indirect. Nevertheless cornering is fun, because the body does not tend to excessively to the sides.

Now FWD Both engines can be the first time, either with a pure front-wheel drive (2WD) or order a permanent four-wheel drive (4WD). The latter distributes power electronically. In normal driving on asphalt, only the front wheels are supplied with power. If there are no front grip more, the electronics sends up to 50 percent to the rear. By pressing a button, the connection can also be locked to better move forward on slippery surfaces. From a speed of 30 km / h, the drive goes back into automatic mode on. Among the new features of both the 4WD and 2WD include a Berganfahr and a Hill Descent Control. The latter allows for steep gradients in a controlled descent. From 28,505 euros

The new Sorento is have from 28,505 euros. That one gets the 2.4-liter gasoline engine with front wheel drive and manual transmission. The Mileage of us as a front-wheel drive diesel will cost 30,770 euros, as Allradlers 32,280 euros. Besides the basic equipment Attract the lines of vision (35,030 euros) and Spirit (offered 36,750 euros).

The basic configuration already includes an MP3-compatible CD radio and air conditioning. If you want an automatic air conditioning, must resort to the "vision", but then also, for example a rain and a light sensor there.

Xenon light, there is only variation in the Spirit, but already from the factory. In addition to the Spirit style, and the packages containing sports. These include tinted windows in the rear, aluminum pedals, LED taillights, a roof spoiler and a power-adjustable driver's seat included. For the vision of the packets are ordered, not for the basic equipment, however. (hd)


The latest edition of the Sorento is an entirely successful affair. Not only because the appearance fresh and youthful looks and the interior has been attractively styled. But mainly because Kia has adopted by the director under outdated principle.

The ride quality offered by the car now fit into a modern mobile of its kind The new Sorento is a roomy SUV, which is suitable not only for everyday life on the asphalt, but may venture with an optional front-wheel drive on an excursion into the terrain.

The Mileage of our combination of strong diesel engine and automatic transmission is a gentle good way to move forward confidently. Is just a pity that Kia many extras, only in packages and offering them only in combination with certain equipment versions.

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Source: Autolatest & Autonews

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Test efectuat la: 9.09.2009 | 07:26 EEST


Test efectuat la: 9.09.2009 | 07:26 EEST

  Sorento IIIpct
MAX POWER(hp/rpm)197/3800
WIDTH C(mm)1885
MASS EMPTY (kg)1971
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)190
0-100 km/h (secunde)10.0
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)7.4
PRET Without taxes (euro)
With taxes (euro)33.000
CAROSERIE Inside Space9
Quality of materials8
Standard Equipement8
Trunk Space10
CONFORT Confort10
Seats front/rear10/9
Air Conditioning Quality9
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement8
80-120 km/h7
Fuel Consumption8

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