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Review of the new Kia Ceed II 2012! Is the new Ceed much to expensive for Europe?

An important component for the recovery of Kia in the past few years, is the man who compares the European Kia's marketing director Benny Oeyen proud soccer megastar Lionel Messi: chief designer Peter Schreyer.

Review of the new Kia Ceed II 2012! Is the new Ceed much to expensive for Europe?

In fact, Schreyer with the new Cee'd landed a direct hit. Dynamic folds in the sheet metal and a rising beltline to the rear to make the five-door-catchers, even when a shot resonates in optics Opel Astra. In most works of Cee'd viewer much more harmonious than the closely related with his Hyundai i30. 

Bought the beautiful line, but with restrictions on the clarity, despite an extra window in the front roof pillars and fenders approaches is visible to the driver not clear where the car starts again. The rear view is complicated by the wide C-pillar micro-window, after all, the rear window is reasonably large. Nevertheless, there are parking beeper duty. Who wants to even get an automatic steering for parking spots.

Meaningful growth

Commendable: The new Cee'd is in relation to more than 630,000 sold the previous times no exaggeration falling apart. The overall length grows by five centimeters to 4.31 meters, the height decreases slightly to 1.47 meters, while the wheelbase remains the same with 2.65 meters.

This is evident in the interior: rear seat passengers are pleased with a good head room, while adequate space for the legs, but not oversized lush. 380 liter luggage now fit in the trunk, which is 40 liters more than before. If only the seatbacks folded down, creates a gently sloping surface, for a proper level the interaction between the seat cushions are worked out. Then the compartment offers up to 1318 liters.

Between pomp and practice

Celebrated the grand entrance of the new Cee'd in the cockpit. The command center impressed with attractive design and quality materials. Aside from easily overloaded convinced the multifunction steering wheel controls: On the center console sits a simple display of the time, the door-open warning, and the temperature. They include radio and navigation, once you meet the deep conditioning. 

One criticism is that something simple plastic around the area of infotainment. It is replaced in the higher equipment through a capital injection in piano finish. The same applies to the lower steering wheel area to come under more chrome. It does everything look chic, but provides in addition to fingerprints, especially for annoying glare in bright sunlight. Less is in this case more. Always on board are connectors for AUX, USB and a 12-volt power outlet, including a large storage area. 

This is delimited by two brackets, of which the left abuts the right leg of larger drivers. After all, the leg so be leaned on longer routes for relief. A special feature is the optional seven-inch HD display instead of the tachometer. Hands and numbers here are generated digitally, in addition, a large information display. It looks sharp, but strangely, there is no navigation instructions can be displayed. Ergo: a nice gimmick, but it takes only one who sometimes needs a mile display.

New petrol engine

Less is more: Is this true for the engines? Kia expects the largest share of customers to get started with gasoline engine of 1.4 liters and 100 horsepower. Ten horsepower more than before, that sounds promising on paper. In practice, the base gasoline engine turns out to be brave to drive leisurely glide. Falls only after 12.8 seconds 100-km/h-Marke, first at 4,200 rpm are the maximum 137 Newton meters.

Especially in the lower speed range, the Cee'd looks so sluggish, are used for rapid overtaking must be switched diligently. After all, the handle makes to the standard six-speed manual fun, the distances are short, fit the connectors. A gear shift indicator is also included, it is usually the right moment. Absolutely surprising is the smoothness of the smallest petrol engine, only at higher highway speeds, a grumpy note pushes to the fore. 

The spontaneous thrust of a turbo unit looking in vain, but a charge is not without risk in terms of reliability. For normal everyday driving, the 1.4 is perfectly adequate, who only occasionally visits the highway will be satisfied with the engine.

Modern times for automatic Friends

What alternatives holds Kia Cee'd in yet ready? In the gasoline range, there is a new 1.6-liter direct-injection engine with 135 horsepower that can be equipped as a premiere with the first double clutch transmission for the brand. Diesel lovers can choose from two diesels with 90 and 128 hp.

For all engines with the way a circuit "EcoDynamics" will package with start-stop system and other efficiency measures offered. Interesting is the 1.6 CRDi 128 hp. Kia previously had only outdated four-speed automatic in operation, so here is finally a system with six gears are used.

Clean by hand

The joy of modern automatic transmission lasts only a few meters. Slow moves to the big diesel, this impression is supported by the late shifting. Purely subjective, it is believed that at least one-fourth of Horsepower have been spirited out of the dust. 

But the numbers show: 260 Nm of torque are there, but they are at first at 1,900 trips. Much more fun to the diesel engine with manual transmission. This is still a starting weakness felt bridged the handle to stick it better though. When rapid change of gears, the engine develops significantly more fire and remains even at speed of 130 acoustically unobtrusive. 

Only the wind noise is then pushed into the foreground. Commendable: The EcoDynamics version will consume only 3.7 liters of the 1.6 CRDi diesel per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 97 grams per kilometer.


Pay attention to the line

Well certainly the most important Cee'd chapter: the price. Here, Kia has not covered, however, should keep prices at the present level. That would at least € 14 430. In the future, is the basic version of "Attract", but it rolls practically naked to the customer. 

A CD radio and electric front windows are on board, but there is an air conditioner is not for love or money. Such as this relativizes the distance to the competition: The new Hyundai i30 will start with 99 hp at 15 850 €, but the air conditioning is fitted as standard. The same applies to the VW Golf, but the cost of 80 hp and five doors already € 17 760. Back to the Kia Cee'd: There should be at least the "Edition7" with air-conditioning equipment to be included. Speaking of Seven: Always there is a luxuriant vehicle warranty for seven years or 150,000 miles.

The recommendation is clear, however, "Business Line". That permanent special model, such as Kia, it is called, not everywhere in the showroom, but can be ordered from any dealer. On board, here is everything that makes driving enjoyable on exterior mirrors with integrated turn signals, a sunglass compartment in roof lining, a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, a navigation system with rearview camera, electrically adjustable and folding exterior mirrors, cruise control, rear parking sensors and even the variable power steering. Who but a lane keeping assistant, the LCD speedometer, or the automatic parking aid will, must reach the top version of "Spirit", because only then there is this technology in packages at extra cost.


Kia Cee'd ends up with the new one more hit. Both exterior and interior design and workmanship show that Koreans play long on a par with Volkswagen, and company. Also impressive are the space and chassis, while the engine is lacking in pizzazz. Nevertheless, the base petrol engine with 100 horsepower is a good choice for ordinary drivers. Who scrubs many miles should choose the 128-hp diesel.

One criticism is the policy features, there are many interesting extras only for higher versions, and even then only in packages. As knowledge is: The true Volkswagen are coming from Korea.

Author: Lucian Dumitrescu
Source: Autolatest



Test efectuat la: 17.04.2012 | 12:00 EEST


Test efectuat la: 17.04.2012 | 12:00 EEST

  Cee dpct
MAX POWER(hp/rpm)100/5500
WIDTH C(mm)1780
MASS EMPTY (kg)1258
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)182
0-100 km/h (secunde)12.8
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)7.5
PRET Without taxes (euro)-
With taxes (euro)14.500
CAROSERIE Inside Space9
Quality of materials8
Standard Equipement7
Trunk Space9
CONFORT Confort8
Seats front/rear9/9
Air Conditioning Quality9
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement8
80-120 km/h4
Fuel Consumption7

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