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Opel Insignia vs Toyota Avensis – Sporty or Comfy

On paper, they are quite similar, Opel Insignia and Toyota Avensis.

Opel Insignia vs Toyota Avensis – Sporty or Comfy
But in reality it is two completely different personalities that will now be fighting for the buyers in the family class. Sports or comfort? It depends.

Körglada Insignia is the driver's car, the passengers like Avensis best. Both are good buy for its category.

2009-04-15 title Net Car in Europe usually go to small cars. 2009 was an exception. Opel Insignia won, with only a single score (above the Ford Fiesta). 20 of the jury's 59 members voted on the Insignia and the justifications often cited the words style, technology" and innovation.

Toyota Avensis will not be the year when the car competes in the autumn, although it also has some innovative technology and a distinctive style.

With the Insignia takes Opel a vigorous effort to gain more status and younger buyers. The car replaces the Vectra, which never quite managed to get out Gubb file. Therefore it will be sent 21 years old name to history along with the third generation of the Opel-sized family car.

None of the Insignia is reminiscent of its predecessor. Not even the Opel brand. There have been new designs and become larger with more self-confident glory.

The car is built on a new technical base, called Epsilon II, which is made to fit a lot of GM models, the new Saab 9-5. Compared with Vectra Insignia is larger: more than 20 centimeters long and four inches higher.


But that Insignia is in fact a high not seen. It says at least the passengers beat your head in the door frame when they strode into the back seat. It does a lot, the Insignia is reminiscent of a sports coupe with the roof, which slopes sharply down towards the stern. Long passengers can crouch in order to enter the rear. Once in place they discover that the ceiling obscuring almost all side-view.

The driver detects that the passenger masks backwards sieve. It is bad even with an empty car. The box cover also some sheet metal and remains just a tiny peek hole. The back is a venture, and without the parking sensors would soon be scarred body.

Like its predecessor Vectra Insignia are both hatchback and four doors then. But the difference in the body is barely perceptible. Later this spring, the combined model and then learn enough interest in Sweden to rise. Anyone looking for a car to drive children and others in the stick is not enough for half the van Insignia, although it is a fancy car.

Extra helping

Leaf and wing inspired Opel body and tailor it appears on many details. A little more difficult is it to trace the design theme of Toyota's new Avensis: Vibrant CLARITY. Vibrant learn to stand for power and dynamics and CLARITY of sensible ideas.

While Opel has done its utmost to give the Insignia a sporty and sexy charisma, Toyota has sought to preserve and strengthen Avensis character. It's probably wise for the precursors have been reliable for both owners and dealers. In Europe, the Avensis steadily increased its share in class and in Sweden, it has usually been among the 20 best-selling cars.

Sales got a little extra helping when Folksam in BEFORE appointed Avensis of the second generation to Sweden's safest car.

Next to the slim, elegant Opel Toyota look great and a little clumsy, but it is actually a little less on all the leading. Yet, it has grown compared to the predecessor from 2003. The differences can be clearly seen when the generation two and three of the Avensis parked next to each other.

The relationship is obvious, but the detail is more marked on the new model. The proportions have changed through the pillars moved forward eleven o'clock centimeters and back five centimeters.

Obliquely from the rear reminds Avensis a lot about Toyota's luxury car Lexus LS, but elegance is disrupted. But perhaps we do not see much of the road for the new Avensis will most be sold as combined.

Ugly or not, even then model Toyota Avensis is a good car to go in. It's easy to get into the back seat. The floor is almost flat, making it convenient also to slither in and sit on my spot.

Diesel v petrol
Passengers prefer definitely Toyota Avensis. But the driver? A day trip of just over 50 mil highways, 90-lead and winding forest paths provide an answer to that question.

Test cars engines are not really comparable. Opel Insignia driven by a tvåliters diesel at 160 hp and exchanged manually with a sexstegad box. Toyota Avensis has a 1.8 liter petrol engine, coupled to a stepless, remdriven transmission.

Diesel, has better traction and a wonderful asked in acceleration. The torque is nearly twice as strong as in the Japanese gasoline engine. But when accelerating the cars racing proves Avensis keep up quite well.

On the highway competition Opel diesel almost silently. Lap Counts Eels oscillate around the 2000-mark. But the rumble from the hard tires and the radio must go high.
The test car is highly equipped, including with 18-inch tires in the broad and low dimension 245/45. Those who want quiet in the car would be wise to choose the narrower and higher tire, although it does not look like Raff out.

Fits exquisitely well together
Toyota Avensis SUSAR up on the highway. The steps to solve Multi Drive S-box reduces constant yard and 110 km / h yesterday gasoline engine similar to the Opel diesel of about 2 000 yards.

The 1.8-liter engine and the gearbox fits well together. Drawer constantly adjusts the gear ratio and engine's 147 horses are used well. There is no power and rarely at overtaking reduced yard quickly when the driver pressed the gas.

Toyota's drive system works quietly. Although the sound when the car is accelerating, it is hardly more intrusive than in the normal transmission cars. Toyota has entered seven gearboxes with the box to remind you of a conventional automatic.
When the last generation Avensis cropped up in 2003 was the harsh criticism for the high noise from the tires.

Toyota got to the final design of the suspension and all Avensis offered to come to the workshop and get their cars better insulated. The Nordic countries have been particularly serious and noise-creating pathways realized the Japanese engineers. They made detailed investigations and even broke off a piece of coating which was to Japan. The road was copied on Toyota's test track, and where noise is tested now all cars will be sold in Europe.

Has learned its lesson

Toyota's sound has certainly learned its lesson. Avensis is a very quiet car.
On major roads it can not match the Opel Insignia Toyota Avensis. But when we turn onto secondary roads is the reverse conditions. Insignia respond up to its sporting coupe-like outer. The wide wheels respond directly to signals from the steering wheel and is fixed in the pavement. The Diesel engine, the strong. You can continue to switch the positions are clear and the lever maneuvers with short movements.

As is to be run quickly and can be bent Insignia changing nature. The test car is equipped with so-called Opel Flex-ride chassis, which costs 2.000 euro extra. A press of a button marked sport may be the car to tighten and the muscles and make off. Shock damping stiffened, the gas reacts to minimum intrusions and governance becomes even more direct.

Soft response
The instruments signals sport mode by changing the lighting color from white to red. The driver may be fun, but passengers complain that they are bounced.

Some similar stunt stuff is not for Toyota Avensis. The look does not exactly look like a racecar and the character corresponding to its external. The response of the gas and steering is soft.

But it is possible to elicit a little temper of the tranquil Japanese. With the gearshift in the manual switches the driver himself and can drive the motor at high revolutions. A short press on the lever forward or backward switches up or down and gear changes are lightning fast. When you switch itself becomes Avensis really lively.

Night light program

In January is test driving the same amount of light in the dark and when dusk DENSE, we experience a brilliant innovation, the automatic light AFL (Adaptive Forward Lighting). The system, which Opel and Hella have developed together, will cost 9 900 kronor and frees the driver from the fit with the light lever.

Above the mirror is an optical sensor to see the oncoming traffic taillights and aperture of the time. When the area in front of Insignia gets dark again beam is switched on.

But the AFL is more advanced than that. A number of sensors in the car measure speed, wheel angle, heel and even if the windshield is covered with rain water. Light strength and scope converted on nine different ways with the help of rotating cylinders in the housing. It works well for the most part. The car kind of blinding oncoming drivers before becoming irritated and beam appears directly after the meeting. But sometimes the sensor fooled, for example, of large and highly reflective road signs, and the aperture of no reason.

That the headlamp power and scope of change not seen much more than the beam sometimes seems a little worried. Toyota Avensis has large headlamps and good light, but only in the most exclusive versions offered xenon lights that turn with the car.


Equipment lists are digra of both Opel and Toyota and the two cars is available in several versions: Opel offers three levels and Toyota four. The orientation of all gadgets is a delicate job. Some equipment can only buy at certain versions and would require an entire small thesis to bone out the car that can be fitted with what.

Insignia is to provide six different engines, four petrol and two dieslar. Cheapest is a 1.8-liter engine with 140 hp, which does not cost more than 209 900 SEK. But it must be special ordered. Opel spends most of dieslarna.

Avensisprogrammet consists of five machines, two of which were powered by gasoline. Toyota hopes the 1.8-liter engine as best sellers. A bensinbil is cheaper to buy but the equipment package may of course be the price to run up in diesel level.

Nowadays you can not rely on fuel prices, but provided that the test cars is its specified use, they become about as expensive to keep running. Opel Insignia draws barely a decilitre less per mil, but the savings are eaten up by the car tax.

Insignia need service was only 3 000: e mil and that is comfortable. Toyotan have to shop twice as often and it is naturally more expensive. None of the cars will be particularly cheap to own, but many competitors are more expensive.

Inspiring Insignia or relaxed Avensis? It becomes dead heat. Both are affordable, though not for the same buyers.

Author: AL
Source: Autolatest & Vi Blagare & Km77



Test efectuat la: 16.04.2009 | 04:35 EEST


Test efectuat la: 16.04.2009 | 04:35 EEST

  InsigniaAvensis III
DISPLACEMENT (cmc)19562231
MAX POWER(hp/rpm)160/4000177/3600
WIDTH C(mm)18581810
MASS EMPTY (kg)15601490
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)218220
0-100 km/h (secunde)9.58.5
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)6.55.9
PRET Without taxes (euro)
With taxes (euro)
CAROSERIE Inside Space910
Quality of materials99
Standard Equipement79
Trunk Space1010
CONFORT Confort97
Seats front/rear10/710/9
Air Conditioning Quality810
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement710
80-120 km/h810
Fuel Consumption810

Other tests

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