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Old vs New - Mercedes Benz 560 SEC W126 vs CL 500 4Matic 2012

We wanted to know how much the luxury level of the old Mercedes SEC 560 compares to the mighty CL500 4Matic of present day.

Old vs New - Mercedes Benz 560 SEC W126 vs CL 500 4Matic 2012

Powertrain passed within a few generations even more radical shift. Today's eight-cylinder engine, although smaller, has but two turbos and not less than 435 hp. This seven-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive - according to many today can not do without it or luxury coupe.

SEC 560 - charismatic classics

At the meeting, approaching positive frame of mind riding in the new CL. The more I wonder how it will actually work ... then the SEC top German car industry.

Model abbreviated SEC made a decade from 1981 to the 1991. The selection was only eight-cylinder engines (150 to 220 kW) 5.6 liter was supreme in the offer from facelift in 1985 to the end of the production model.

Elegant body's life work of Bruno Sacco. The Italian designer, who impressed all the unmistakable face Mercedes introduced in the last quarter of the 20th century, eventually just such a vehicle still in use. By no means complicated, yet sophisticated detail to prefer horizontal line layout, which give the car an unmistakable sporty touch. Reach a total of 74,060 owners (of which 29 000 560 SEC version).

The founder of the family but also raised the principles that are honored for generations. The low roof is visually supported by a massive rear pillars, the middle column is completely absent. All four side windows are electrically operated and with frameless doors are completely open sides of the body.

Across generations, repeats also a wide grille with ivy star on her follow-up on the hood offsets or panoramic rear window.

CL 500 4Matic 2012

Precisely these elements is equipped with the latest CL.

Although the novelty of the whole 16 cm long, 4 cm wider and higher as 1 cm, has a direct comparison somewhat clumsily. Incidentally, the current CL coupe is historically the largest Mercedes. The second generation, the famous mammoth was longer, wider and higher. 

Only the length of the wheelbase (2955 mm) is the current model of any generation CL-Class is greatest.
The result of the new coupe paradoxically degrades very rounded shapes, retreat from the horizontal lines and consistently higher pontoon boot. It's not mistake this car makers, today's requirements for safety, aerodynamics, and interior space will not allow you to build and uncompromising design, as it was possible in the 80s.

Differences in the interior surprisingly are not essential. Successive developments have changed shape, but the organization of new CL is surprisingly similar to its ancient ancestor. 

Already the first SEC had power seats on the door (new model allows the driver to change the settings even in the passenger seat) and even other specialties Mercedes used for generations - the feeder belts, folding rear seat head restraints (to impede the view) or control specific indicators which are wipers and cruise control.

If in the 80s meant the top shield technology instrument with six analog indicators, today it is high-resolution display that renders the pointer device. At will can also display a variety of information on-board electronics or change the screen night vision.

Also comfort equipment has radically expanded. Dual-zone air conditioning, electrically adjustable steering wheel and cruise control equipment are not usual items still years after production of the 560 SEC. Today's luxury cars have maintained a similar advantage - CL boasts a ventilated massaging seats, heated steering wheel and a plethora of advanced driver assistance systems.

Eight cylinder petrol engine

Nowhere, however, not so radical as progress under the hood. Similar features are only aluminum block and eight cylinders. Today, under the hood we find a large Mercedes direct-injection, two turbochargers and a host of other modern technologies. Thanks to this new product boasts 45% more power - in spite of a liter less displacement volume.

Former top-Mercedes next to the news because its 300 horses are inevitably acts as a poor relative . But just opened at 560 SEC Mercedes new era - the first accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 7 seconds. Who had wanted something faster, had very few options: Ferrari, Porsche or BMW four-door M5.

The current CL 500 opens after facelift next chapter: the basic (and therefore slowest model) can do the same sprint in less than 5 seconds. Similarly, twenty-five years ago had an uncompromising work parameters of the former large coupe.

While running the course, the difference immediately. Into play and the number of transfers automatic gearbox - seven to four. For normal driving in the CL 500 can only pedal so to tickle . Emergence of a powerful turbocharged 700 Nm and the taste is the motor speed will do better: dramatic acceleration is possible at any speed.

560 SEC is quieter 

When I give full throttle, the car rides like a quarter of CL biturbo. Stuttgart engineers work caused the separation of three generations is a world of difference. But the SEC itself not going badly at all - through the lens of today's conventional cars is more than fast enough.

In addition, active sporty impression. He sits down and the windshield is closer. Management with conventional hydraulic power steering is comfortable, provides but nowadays almost unprecedented feedback. Comes with a real driving experience, while driving the new model is more close to the undisturbed trip by car and listens to the word of the craziest driver requirements.

Direct comparison perfectly illustrates how in recent decades changed the car culture. We sacrificed the driving experience to get the maximum possible comfort.

Opt for one of the comparator would be a real car nut, for each there will be plenty of indisputable reasons. To speak of course youngtimera tenfold lower cost. Instead of enticing 11 liters but you ride at least 18th And still, the purchase and fuel costs only carousel begins. 

New car price is a key variable (SEC began at 560 to 133 thousand marks), who wants to keep the SEC in perfect condition, should be prepared for expenses that are more close to operating costs for the new CL than under the same compact family a few hundred thousand.


Author: Lucian Dumitrescu
Source: Autolatest & Auto



Test efectuat la: 21.03.2012 | 12:00 EET


Test efectuat la: 21.03.2012 | 12:00 EET

  Classe CLpct
MAX POWER(hp/rpm)296/5500
WIDTH C(mm)1828
MASS EMPTY (kg)1760
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)245
0-100 km/h (secunde)6.9
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)13.3
PRET Without taxes (euro)-
With taxes (euro)-
CAROSERIE Inside Space10
Quality of materials8
Standard Equipement10
Trunk Space8
CONFORT Confort10
Seats front/rear10/8
Air Conditioning Quality8
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement9
80-120 km/h6
Fuel Consumption3

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