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First review of the new Dacia Dokker 2012-1.5 dCI 90 hp

Greetings from Lodgy-Even at the first meeting is the similarity of the Dacia expert to Dokker still very fresh on Lodgy. Practically corresponds to the B-pillar of his van Dokker relatives.

First review of the new Dacia Dokker 2012-1.5 dCI 90 hp

This is no accident, as a glance at the technical data: Both the wheelbase of 2.81 meters agree and width of 1.75 meters.

There are differences in the length, here the Dokker undercuts the Lodgy with 4.36 meters by 14 centimeters in height, however, there is an increase by ten centimeters to 1.81 meters.

But once enough of the numbers. Fact: The relationship between the two Dacia models helps to reduce costs, especially since both are built in Morocco.

Saving sent

Inside the space patrol Dokker we continue with the relationship: Commander Dad takes on a firm padded seat with a little too short square leg rest and rejoicing in the ample space for the head and elbows. It wanders from his view of the new Dacia Lodgy known cockpit.

Here, although hard plastics are used, but their grain and two-tone in the workplace may well be proud. Of naked poverty as early models of the brand is no trace to be seen. 

Quite the contrary: For an extra charge of 430 € a fair walk a superbly-to-use multimedia system, including navigation and USB port in the center console. Unfortunately, the screen and the ventilation controls are positioned a bit too deep.

Another detail shows how cost-optimized Dacia thinks high speeds, whether gasoline or diesel low spinning, the tachometer red zone without ever goes up to 7,000 trips. Same instruments in as many cars, which saves. Sooner or later you will find the new cockpit, therefore, in existing models such as the Duster.

Space for five

Bck to the practical talents of Dokker: Storage in the roof and the dashboard can accommodate so many toys. Dad's crew commander for minors is a rear seat ready with three Isofix mountings.

The whole thing is boarded by two sliding doors that hide their bare metal in the interior. Prima: parental controls to protect against unwanted spontaneous openings. Even adults can sit in the cosiness of series two, although the back for tall people might be a little bit higher.

There is a third row of seats in Dokker way, neither for money nor for the good words to the Dacia Renault Kangoo Lodgy and not to get in the way.

Endless space

available for the trunk is only one name: gigantic. To change the set backs of the rear seat and fold the entire furniture to the front, two handles range per half. For those that want to remove completely the bank, must solve two screws in the floor.

The effort is not necessary, because even then the Dokker swallowed up by the washing machine up to a lush, almost all luggage. Very well: The rear doors open to hoist over an angle of 90 degrees out, so the loading is even easier. Between 800 and 3,000 liters of luggage with a maximum of 1.57 meters in length can be crammed on the 57 inch low sill.

This puts the Dokker far above the Kangoo in the region of the minimally prolonged VW Caddy (918 to 3020 liters). Dacia will also provide the way, various modifications, such as for the transport of wheelchair users.

Engine Range

So much fits in, but the load must come from the spot. To this end, Dacia is to launch the Dokker end of the year 2012 to offer three engines: a Saugbenziner with 87 hp and two diesel with 75 hp and 90. Early 2013, then joins to a new 1.2-liter turbo gasoline engine with 115 horsepower.

For the first test laps were ready the two diesels. Even with 75 hp it is acceptable to the city, and progress on the road. 

Even better, it makes the big brother with 90 hp. This engine impresses with its smoothness, until about 130 km / h, the mix of engine and wind noise is dominant. Also surprising is the good spread of the five-speed manual transmission, a sixth stage, there is not Dokker.

From the state pulls the car forward fast, from 70 to 120 km / h, it accelerates effortlessly, without mutating the lame snail. The only negative point: the shift lever slides a bit notchy at times through the streets. 

A little more precision might also provide the guidance, although the Dokker is not a car for cornering machine, of course. The chassis is trying to compensate, but in the unloaded condition with only one person aboard, the rough rolling of the torsion beam rear suspension felt.

Super Low entry

Expensive space? Astronomical prices? Not at Dacia. At approximately 160 kilometers by highway and country roads, the consumption of Dokker with 4.8-liter dCi 90 approached the officially stated 4.5 liters. 

As before, the price this time a challenge to the competition: 8.990 € is the cost of basic Dokker with 87-horsepower gasoline engine. However, it is in exchange for even a nudist equipped with little more than ESP and four airbags. E
ven better is the atmosphere, equipped with a second sliding door, split fold-down rear seat, the large shelf above the front seats and power windows in front.

In the version Lauréate ranks. It provides an on-board computer, fog lights or the roof rack is not necessarily more, but only here can the 430-euro Navi be ordered as an extra. An air conditioner is already available, however for the Dokker atmosphere.

Dokker and the price range for Germany

Here are just a rough classification of the Dokker help in relation to Lodgy. Because of Dokker 1,000 € is cheaper, the atmosphere could release a 90-horsepower diesel under the hood at around 12,500 € are, the Lauréate at about 13,500 €.

Assuming a package with air conditioning and radio for 950 € as in Lodgy and the 430-euro GPS units just under 14 900 € for a full-featured Dokker would invest. Tip: In addition, select the center armrest in the front range of accessories for 129 €.

It fits the character left the Diesel Dokker. Whether the competition will remain behind? Even within our own group could be the high-roof Dacia to poachers, for the cheapest Renault Kangoo starts at € 15 190. Even more striking is the difference between the VW Caddy, from the beginning, the list price at € 17 332 and skimmed equipment.


The new Dacia Dokker makes the decision for a Renault Kangoo any easier. For the Kangoo, there are more engines and extras will be emphasized. But: Do we need to at all? Even the Dokker is with silent 90 hp diesel, air conditioning and GPS units a great overall package.

In addition, it offers even more space than its corporate counterpart. Overall, the new Dacia convinced, as he relaxed his owners with his simple honesty. 


Author: Lucian Dumitrescu
Source: Autolatest & AN



Test efectuat la: 6.07.2012 | 12:00 EEST


Test efectuat la: 6.07.2012 | 12:00 EEST

MAX POWER(hp/rpm)90/3750
WIDTH C(mm)1751
MASS EMPTY (kg)1289
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)162
0-100 km/h (secunde)13.6
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)5,2
PRET Without taxes (euro)-
With taxes (euro)13.500
CAROSERIE Inside Space10
Quality of materials6
Standard Equipement7
Trunk Space10
CONFORT Confort9
Seats front/rear10/9
Air Conditioning Quality8
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement9
80-120 km/h7
Fuel Consumption10

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