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Comparison Test Hyundai IX55 3.0 V6 CRDi vs Mercedes ML 350 BlueTEC vs Land Rover Discovery 3.0 TDV6

With subtle visual enhancements and environmentally SCR catalyst occurs, the Mercedes ML 350 BlueTEC against the debutant Hyundai IX55 3.0 V6 CRDi and the revised Land Rover Discovery 3.0 TDV6

Comparison Test Hyundai IX55 3.0 V6 CRDi vs  Mercedes ML 350 BlueTEC vs Land Rover Discovery 3.0 TDV6
The success of the Mercedes MKlasse is indisputable: have been sold worldwide for over one million. For new sales incentives to make the BlueTEC diesel with SCR catalytic converter together with urea injection and 211 hp. A subtly freshened look, there's more to it.

But the competition never sleeps: Land Rover has not only the polarizing design of the all-wheel-rounder Discovery heavily revised and the technology in almost all major issues vigorously pimped, but also offers the 3.0 TDV6 recently, still a much stronger (245 hp) and cultured ignition on.

Just like Hyundai. The Koreans have developed specifically for the new luxury SUV IX55, running in America under the pseudonym of Vera Cruz, a promising V6 diesel with 239 hp.

Given the sweeping coachwork, the PS-figures rapidly losing momentum. Erect, robust and especially large - this is the classic full-roader looks. The three test candidates to fulfill this stereotype, with the Mercedes and the Hyundai is far more pleasing to curves and optical slimming effort as the Land Rover with his blatantly cubic silhouette.

Thanks to the design-correction, however, he seems less edgy than before, without yielding to the space. One sits elevated above the traffic conditions, has plenty of movement and enjoy the most successful all-round view. The trunk is huge and can also use variable. Even the optional third row of seats can accommodate two adults.

A payload of more than twelve hundred pounds and a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes rich - DSC with trailer stabilization is standard - complete the practical virtues. The well-stocked safety equipment and significantly improved material selection also deserve praise.

Similarly, neat style interior of the ML, while the IX55 although lures with stylish exterior finish, but the cheap plastics act upon closer inspection one class. In addition, the list has few details of its security vulnerabilities, while the Mercedes offers the broadest protection. He also paid the driver and passengers the most space.

Towing capacity? 3.5 tons. When the variability Hapert however.

Here, the Hyundai scores as standard with seven seats and is similar to the deductions because of limited visibility and low height of the front part. The sliding roof reduces headroom by nearly four inches of the test car - an expendable extra. A must for this vehicle class, however, is the trailer hitch, the Hyundai but not installed at the factory. In addition, the permitted trailer load to fall modestly from 2.5 tonnes from.


Law rule, however intrusive appear active head restraints of the Hyundai IX55 entgegenrecken to driver and passenger seats that are far to the neck (too). In addition, you are sitting too high in the car while you're in the Land Rover Discovery, although still higher position, but then takes a very relaxed attitude.

The Mercedes ML remembers most of the seat feeling in a large limousine, which in no way diminishes the quality of its seats. On the back seat passengers to begin in Disco to grumbling at first. The individual seats tested, seven-seat version of the press something, because they are assessed fairly small. Like arranged in ascending rows of seats in the theater to provide even in row three still a good prospect.

Great, practical files, perfectly manageable instruments and the lowest noise level bring the British more points. The engine runs like the Koreans, although quietly, but his annoying wind noise in the long run.

Should also reflect the absorption capacity of conventional coil springs of the IX55 the air spring suspension kits from Land Rover (Series) and Mercedes (option) to accept defeat. With the ML, are particularly vulnerable and appealing features of the Discovery of astonishing reserves.

Engine and transmission

Also, the performances of the British suggest Reserves: 245 hp, 600 Nm the two turbochargers will not soon run out of breath. In fact, the over 2.6 ton Landy on fl ottesten sprints to 100, but starting at 140 km / h the rivals move past him at 180 km / h is the end. The Hyundai is running at 239 hp (451 Nm, 2.2 tons), smooth 200 km / h, the Mercedes creates subdued despite 211hp (540 Nm, 2.3 tons), even 210 km / h electronically limited - all of them.

The ML is less brilliant with temperament, but rather with the economy and clean exhaust. With the help of the urea injection (AdBlue), the nitrogen oxides in the SCR catalytic converter to be reduced so far that they comply with the Euro 6 limits. The test consumption of 10.3 liters of diesel is respectable and excused the slightly rougher engine noise.

Much more sophisticated, but just as economical, the new TDV6 works in the Land Rover, the content also with 10.3 liters. Automatic's six also excited with an absolutely precise timing. It also turns soft as fixed and bypasses the torque converter as early as it goes. This drive is a pleasure - and fully offroad-capable. The engine in the Hyundai shines with very good manners and harmonious power delivery. However, the test consumption fell out with 10.9 liters significantly higher than in the first test (No. 18/2009), where there was an identical car with only 9.6 liters satisfied.

Dynamics-Road Comfort

Even when leaving the border area of exploration for the Americas was originally conceived Hyundai IX55 not really perfect impression. Although he follows with a steering input due to its size surprising agility, but his powerful load change reactions, which uniformly disappointing appealing steering and doubtful long stopping distances (cold: 44.5 meters).

The Discovery is also not a paragon of driving dynamics, but pleases with its very precise and sensitive operating steering. His ride is quiet and without any problem. Smooth 40-meter (cold) stopping distance is not a badge of honor. Bear the blame for this all-season tires that are factory installed. On the other hand they increase the grip in the terrain. And off-road Land Rover traditionally plays an important role. According to think outside the disco comes on the street, where he was able to follow seriously either the Hyundai or Mercedes.

On paved roads has for the ML 350 BlueTEC ahead - far ahead. Although its steering offers little feedback and the Mercedes quarrels with pronounced understeer, it marks clearly the best times. The car draws a willing and allows higher cornering speeds - this is also an important boost to safety. Driving while not necessarily give the Benz, but his rigid intrusive ESP always ensures a high degree of stability. The short stopping distances (37.9 kalt/35, 8 are hot) without competition in this test, which is not only a merit of the road tires mounted.

Environment & Costs

Anyone who looks as much car for the money, comes at the Hyundai showroom not pass. The strike price of 42 290 Euro 15 000 Euro is well below the minimum price for the Mercedes with BlueTECMotor. The consequent loss of value after four years is the IX55 to more favorable than 4000 euros. The moderate extras available for the few extras, and the lowest repair costs will also speak for him.

The Land Rover scores with the lowest hull contributions, but does not otherwise excellent figures. Nevertheless, he believes - as the Hyundai - with low maintenance costs. Its fuel costs are on a par with those of the Mercedes. Despite extensive safeguards the cleanest emission levels and the lowest tax proves to be the ML than the bottom line is the most expensive vehicle.


Once again, the Mercedes ML is a test winner, the balance of his concept to the test. The waiver of maximum off-road performance has given him a greater driving safety, effi ciency and agility. The engine's 350 BlueTEC, moreover, succeeded in combining power and fuel economy.

More off-road charisma, the lusher the better load capacity and comfort provides greatly revised Land Rover Discovery 3.0 TDV6 its fully confident in striking distance for the Benz. The Hyundai IX55 however, shows weaknesses in detail - and under braking. But: Its V6 diesel is a real fillet and the price for such a big SUVs unbeatable low cost.

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Source: Autolatest & AutoZeitung



Test efectuat la: 6.12.2009 | 11:10 EET


Test efectuat la: 6.12.2009 | 11:10 EET

  Classe MLDiscoveryVeracruz
MOTOR/ENGINE ENGINEV6 Diesel V6 DieselV6 Diesel
DISPLACEMENT (cmc)298729932959
MAX POWER(hp/rpm)224/3800245/4000239/2800
DIMENSIUNI LENGHT(mm)478848294880
WIDTH C(mm)191119151972
MASS EMPTY (kg)218525852220
PERFORMANTE V Max (km/h)215180200
0-100 km/h (secunde)8.69.610.4
Average Fuel Consumption (liters)109.37.6
PRET Without taxes (euro)
With taxes (euro)
CAROSERIE Inside Space9108
Quality of materials997
Standard Equipement91010
Trunk Space9109
CONFORT Confort9108
Seats front/rear10/910/109/9
Air Conditioning Quality1077
DINAMICA Engine Rafinement9105
80-120 km/h865
Fuel Consumption988

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