Top 5 cars expected in 2013

We repeat all the time field is the crisis. However, if we stick to products, the market has rarely been so generous new in 2012! And 2013 promises to be just as prolific!

Top 5 cars expected in 2013

Of all the announcements, here are five models that hold all our attention.

Mercedes S Class

Traditionally, the S-Class strenna all the new technology in the future that will equip the car of the man in the World. Which is a flagship figure of space shuttle! According to some indiscretions gathered, she will inaugurate a plasma screen which replaces the usual analog instrumentation.

Version Plug-In Hybrid is also in the catalog! Finally, the S-Class will also have the difficult task of replacing the Maybach: six versions will be at the program!

BMW i3

If we consider the history actually quite conservative BMW i3 this chamboulera all the rules! Electric city car with FWD, it revolutionized the culture of the house! An ambitious project focused on the future. We hope that BMW will not be right too early and that i3 retain the traditional driving fun of the brand.

The usual approval of clinical systems will be mounted, however, the store cupboard ! It is rumored that a version range extender (in the form of a gasoline generator) is also proposed.

Alfa Romeo 4C

"Cuore Sportivo" is the slogan of the brand. However, fans have only their tears to cry: the current range is limited to a city and a versatile, moreover acclaimed for their mechanical diesel. Alfa Romeo, a shadow of himself? A fabulous homecoming however promised the 4C is the elixir of youth, a light mid-engined coupe for athletes, true.

Sportsmanship will then comeback in the range! A wish: Gentlemen engineers, made to dance and sing these undercarriages this machine!

Lexus IS

The dieselophiles will have to make a reason: future Lexus IS abandon the instantaneous combustion engine. Not the best way to compete with the formidable Audi A4, BMW 3 and Mercedes C! Lexus fate but an asset of his sleeve: the hybrid!

This will probably last a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter petrol delivering more than 200 horsepower, but announced less than 100 g CO2/km! We look forward to check these values and measure this against the Japanese Teutonic rivals.

Chevrolet Corvette

This year it is 60 years since the Corvette figure is only true American sports. A concurrent shock to the 911, probably less refined in his manners, but also more exuberant in his behavior! The energy crisis, however, has not been because of its traditional engine: it is still and always the perennial V8, a 6.2-liter variant! Motor recycled countless times and promises a sharp drop in consumption for the next generation, the C7!

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Source: Autolatest

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