The LPG market is still growing in 2012!

Car manufacturers, motivated by the growing requirements of the Standards emissions, are constantly looking for new, more innovative and technologically advanced power systems motors.

The LPG market is still growing in 2012!

This applies to both those designed to operate on diesel fuel and on etylinie. Costs related to the purchase of fuel are now a significant part of many a household budget, and announced for this year increases soon become a reality.

The desire to meet the requirements of environmental protection and making it more economical car is close to the LPG industry. 

The market still gives users the choice of cars fuel type on which they want to operate. Many, of course, choose gas, with a modern and reliable gas installation.

Internal combustion engines are the subject of many studies, books, an area of technical sciences, which since its creation give you a huge field for engineers and engineers. 

There is nothing surprising because for many years the internal combustion engine efficiency fluctuated at 25-30%. This result is very satisfactory when we realize that the rest energy is lost.

In other words, the fuel, which are consuming our engine is used efficiently (that is, to produce power) to a small extent, and the rest can used for example to heat the car in the seasonwinter.

The property consists in maximizing the fuel to get the engine power is called the efficiencyand in the right direction most of the developed technologies.

In the electronic age, you can very precisely control the fuel supply system, but equally effectively filling the cylinder supercharged engine and ignition. Do not change the fact that improvements in the engine is a priority.
Performance are comparable, the efficiency of the new engines is 50%, fuel burn per km is comparable, even at petrol stations and the price of ethylene is ON very similar.

The question whether they should be motors specifically designed to supply alternative fuels, leave open.
Without a doubt, the direction of development and modifi cation of engines is closely linked to supply a particular fuel. By increasing the efficiency of the engine, it uses up its properties.The use of conventional fuels running out of options, so it is reasonable to exploring the possibilities of using such of hydrogen. This fuel is common sense, and other, just as LPG. 

Or worse? By comparing the chemical and physical urgent fuels are difficult to classifyfrom best to worst and it is not appropriate criterion. It is important to skillfuluse the same engine power best features. Let's hope that gas supply will not be still on the sidetrack cars.

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