The complete list of hybrid cars for 2013 and official fuel consumption

If you want an hybrid car you could choose from below.

The complete list of hybrid cars for 2013 and official fuel consumption

We look now at the complete list of new hybrid cars available for sale this year. The list has cars made for Europe or USA or Asian markets.

The most strage thing of this list is the fact that the European car manufacturere have a very short list of hybrid cars, and those that are one sale now are just premium cars.

To see exactly what are these cars have made a full list of all hybrid cars is comercializeza both in Europe and the US and Asian markets.


Car Manuacturer and type               Fuel Consumption litrer/100 de km

Audi A6 Hybrid                    6.2

Audi A8 Hybrid                    6.3

BMW ActiveHybrid 3             5.9

BMW ActiveHybrid 5             6.4

BMW ActiveHybrid 7             6.8

BYD F3                              2.7

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid      11.2

Chevrolet Maliby Hybrid       7.1

Chevrolet Tahoe  Hybrid      11.2

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid  11.2

Daihatsu Altis 2.5 Hybrid         4.3

Ford Fusion 2.0 Hybrid             -

Ford Escape  2.5 Hybrid           7.4

GMC Yukon 6.0 Hybrid            11.2

GMC Sierra C1500 Hybrid        11.3

Honda Jazz IMA                     4.5

Honda Insight IMA                  4.1

Honda CR-V Hybrid                 4.4

Honda Civic Hybrid                  5.7

Hyundai  Avante 1.6 HEV           -

KIA K5 HEV                              -

Lexus HS250h                        6.7

Lexus GS450h                        6.3

Lexus RX450h                        6.3

Lincoln MKZ 2.5 Hybrid             6.0

Mercedes E300 Bluetec Hybrid   4.2

Mercedes S400 Hybrid              7.9

Nissan Fuga 3.5 Hybrid             -

Nissan Cima 3.5 Hybrid            6.0

Nissan Altima 2.5 Hybrid           6.9

Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4              3.8

Peugeot  508 Hybrid4               3.6

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid       7.1

Toyota Yaris Hybrid                  3.5

Toyota Prius Plug In                 2.6

Toyota Crown Hybrid                 7.1

Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid           4.3

Toyota Estima 2.4 Hybrid           5.6

Toyota Velfire 2.4 Hybrid           5.9

Toyota Highlander 3.5 Hybrid     8.4

Tata Sai 2.4 Hybrid                   4.8

VW Touareg Hybrid                   8.2

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