New McLaren P1 official images 2013

The message is clear: The McLaren P1 is the world's best sports cars on the road and the racetrack. Now is the premiere of the super sports imminent.

New McLaren P1 official images 2013


Weight reduction - as in the entire vehicle - is a priority, so the operating units to a minimum. Still retains the McLaren P1 its luxurious features such as a fully automatic air conditioning, a navigation system and a customized sound system.

The dashboard, the roof and floor panels, doors and one-piece molded passenger compartment are made of carbon fiber. For further optimization of the weight of the amount of the trim parts has been minimized in the cabin, by as many elements as possible chassis are exposed and was dispensed inside a sound-damping.

If necessary, a carpet with a special light coating is offered. The racing bucket seats consist of an ultra-thin carbon shell with minimum padding covered and fitted with a light-holder.

Performance and Price

Performance figures have not yet been officially announced. However, it is rumored that the modified version of the will of the McLaren MP4-12C familiar 3.8-liter V8 the super athlete with more than 900 hp drive to excel. The price starts from around one million euros. 

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Source: Autolatest

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