Goodbye Gallardo!

This sinister looking beast is the latest creation of supercar-tuner Novitec Rosso and is dubbed the F430 TuNero.

Goodbye Gallardo!
Apart from the all-black paint scheme, the car sports a pair of race-grade superchargers with modified turbine blades and individual oil coolers, an enlarged induction tract with heat insulation as well as new water-cooled intercoolers that are twice the size of the units in the previous SuperSport F430.

Other upgrades include a beefed up water pump, new high-flow air filters, larger fuel injectors and a new air-duct below the chassis. To make sure all the modifications work in harmony, engineers reprogrammed the engine’s ECU for optimal results.

The end result is peak output of 707hp (520kW) at a staggering 8,350rpm and maximum torque of 712Nm at 6,300rpm.

When combined with Novitec’s modified gearbox, the F430 TuNero is claimed to reach a top speed of 348km/h and should complete the 0-100km/h dash in just 3.5 seconds.

Author: AL
Source: Autolatest

Goodbye, Gallardo