German costumer pays three times more for the car today than in 1980

It now shares the CAR led by Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer Institute (Center for Automotive Research), University of Duisburg-Essen.

German costumer pays three times more for the car today than in 1980

In 2011, the list price of new cars sold in Germany amounted to € 25 893 - a new record. For this you get as a VW Golf 2.0 TDI Comfortline. In 1980 the average stood at the equivalent of € 8420, then in 2000 there were already 20 410 €. 

The price of new cars increased in the last 31 years, an average of 3.9 percent per year - well above the inflation rate, which stood at 2.2 percent during the same period. 

According to CAR, the institution must also be: "The automotive industry is a sector that is characterized in saturated markets such as the German car market, by value growth." In other words, because almost everyone has a car, you can increase the sales of little more - that have sold cars are always high quality and expensive.

Nissan's biggest price jump

But which brands benefit most from the increased prices? The largest increases in average price of sold cars in 2011 reached the Nissan brand (+13 percent), Seat (+13 percent), Dacia (+12 percent), Mini (+8 percent), Hyundai (+8 percent), Ford (+7 percent) and Fiat (+6 percent). 

Then follow the VW (+5 percent), Skoda (+5 percent), Mercedes (+4 percent) and BMW (4 percent). Dacia car buyers now give 12 121 euros for their new cars. Not much money, but the brand with the lowest average price is not Dacia, but smart. Skoda is now no longer pure cheap brand: be here now at least € 19 392 for a new car paid more than the average Opel buyer pays.

BMW and Mercedes more expensive than Audi

The average index of the most expensive cars to be ordered from BMW and Mercedes. There, nearly 40,000 € each to be paid. Audi has lagged behind with 36 320 €. In 2011, the gap is even became something greater. Audi buyers paid only 0.3 percent, to Mercedes and BMW were about four percent. Volvo is also at an average price of € 35,000, considerably higher than the average for last year and moved closer to Audi.

One reason for the stagnant new prices for the new Audi A1 model is based. A A1-customer paid an average of 17 729 € in 2011. This is significantly less than in the small car brand Mini lifestyle where the average price was € 22 586. 

For all of CAR determined average prices and additional equipment discounts are not taken into account. The actual market prices move according to CAR slightly above average prices, as they affect extras are more than discounts.

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Source: Autolatest

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