First LZParts tuning for Dacia Duster facelift 2014-Elia tuning

Romanian SUV is one of the cheapest representatives of their class, but despite or perhaps because of increasingly attracting the attention of editors, ready to turn it in more or less stylish machine.

First LZParts tuning for Dacia Duster facelift 2014-Elia tuning

Dacia Duster at its launch in 2010 caused a small revolution in the menu of their brand and showed that even a compact SUV with a relatively pleasing exterior design can be offered for more than a nice price.

The attractiveness of the automaker Dacia Duster and Renault strives to increase the number of market studies and action series.

This year, in addition to European customers received an upgraded version .Unlike other models of Dacia Duster in addition to attracting customers and designer of practically all over the world, which is very well documented by the luxury of rich work of an Indian firm DC Design or range of accessories from Elia.

The latest changes include Duster LZParts from the German company, specializing in servicing and modifications car brands Dacia and Renault.

SUV with a body in a combination of black and red color stands for 20 wheels with tires measuring 235/35 ZR20. Set of serial plastic bow and stern following wheel arches and sills. Front and rear are new LED lights.

Under the turbocharged diesel engine capacity of 1.5 liters, whose performance is compared to the standard 80 kW slightly increased by the new exhaust system is placed new protective plate.

The interior is in addition to painting some of the same shade as the bodywork biggest change multimedia system with touch screen. Equipment Duster, among others, added on cruise control, automatic headlights and heated seats.

The result may seem somewhat exaggerated, but the goal of this duster is mainly to show that Dacia owners can at LZParts for your car ordered various modifications.

Author: AL
Source: Autolatest

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