2011 Land Rover Defender- 60 years of endurance!

More than 60 years after the introduction of the first Land Rover represents a model in a very special way, the expertise and unique position of the British brand:

2011 Land Rover Defender- 60 years of endurance!
The unique Land Rover Defender, which the company over the decades as continuous as carefully renovated and raised the value.

With the recent modifications of the Defender will continue the great legacy of the built since 1948, almost two million times classic, but it is supplemented by a modern 4x4 market demand high flexibility and practicality.

In short: The Defender is now more efficient, practical and durable than ever.

The legendary Defender offers in the current generation of his many lovers around the globe a number of key advantages over earlier times. This is not only a high performance include the terrain, but also the improved performance on the road and plenty of comfort and sophistication in the passenger cabin - not to mention an ultra-modern 2.4-liter turbo diesel that is convincing in the same way with pulling power and economy .

The passengers in the spacious cabin awaits including a modern, well-arranged dashboard, an effective heating and cooling and the real comfort seats. Positioned so that the current Land Rover Defender 4x4 market more than ever as a universal and unique model for every application.

In contrast to technology and interior changes to the characteristic appearance of the Defender were limited in all model revisions to a minimum.

Most recently received only the hood of a new profile as a feature of the current generation. While the robust body structure is in the best tradition of a large part of both light and high-strength aluminum, forming an advanced version of the popular ladder frame chassis base. To protect against stress on the hard part is replaced by a multi-step dip-coating process has a very effective corrosion protection. For the four-wheel icon, a legendary reputation for reliability and longevity has to defend: Finally, are as much as two thirds of all Defender ever built are still on the roads and tracks in the world.

The current model of the Land Rover Defender provides with three wheelbases and a wide variety of styles, from Pick Up on Crew Cab, Soft and Hard Top to Station Wagon. Most recently added to the new program were among other variants with 130s chassis, single and double cab, which are particularly adapted perfectly as a basis for a variety of special modifications to individual customer requirements.

For the Defender is a true universal genius: Private and business users, farmers and businesses, armed forces and aid organizations, the high tension value of up to 3,500 kg and load volume of 4x4 Originals as well as its strength, durability and performance on any terrain.

The modern 2.4-liter Turbo Diesel Defender provides a maximum output of 90 kW (122 hp), which is already available at 3,500 trips.

A hallmark of the unit is its remarkably flat torque curve, which are available so that more than 90 percent of maximum demand in the important speed range from 2200 tours. There are also 360 Nm of torque, which are already min from 1500 to 2700 rpm available. Other features of the turbo diesel include its aluminum cylinder head, the Garrett turbocharger with variable turbine geometry, a common rail injection system of the third generation and a high pressure pump that can work with injection pressures up to 1800th

Of course, the Defender has today on its proven drive design with permanent four-wheel drive complete with gear reduction. This robust system corresponds to a high-performance 6-speed manual transmission and has an extremely stable mechanical transmission and drive train connections.

To qualify all-rounder, the model for decades, its performance: in addition to the outstanding climbing capability of 45 degrees in particular the angle of repose, which amount to 49 degrees forward and backward vary 49-35 degrees. Added a ramp angle from over 25 to 32 degrees and a least 314 mm measured ground clearance.

And the crossing itself deeper water courses, thanks to the wading depth of 500 millimeters problem.

Ongoing revisions to steering and suspension also make driving more enjoyable with the Defender. Among other things, the model was given in the recent past, new springs and dampers modified, supplemented by a change in wake geometry, larger stabilizer and a new vote of the power steering. This leaves the defender any time left and agile - and this despite the load and the underground.

Intensive customer research and the experience gained from around the world find the current model year Defender of the above in a thoughtfully designed interior reflected. Special emphasis is laid on this Land Rover a powerful heating and on ergonomics and the instruments. The dashboard presents an excellent integrated, robust and functional. Large side air vents to keep the side windows fog-free, while numerous compartments and shelves hold all the necessities of everyday car. In short, the interior of the Defender perfectly reflects its huge capacity and versatility.

The modern, comfortable front seats provide ample back support - with an incomparable "Command View" seat position with an excellent overview. With the seat cover materials of the Defender offers in the E-model variants in tough vinyl, and the S-design high-quality material, while the SE-top versions leather cloth seats are reserved, which bring a touch of luxury in the passenger cabin.

Other features include - available depending on the model version as standard or on request - including the following details: floor covering in rubber or fabric, Alarm system with interior monitoring, electric front windows, air conditioning, central locking, heated rear window with wash / wipe, tinted windows, erection and removable glass roof, rear step and a heater for winter comfort package with windshield and front seats.

As with all new vehicles Land Rover Defender is also the current extensive warranty and service package for the journey. This includes a vehicle warranty for three years or 100 000 kilometers, a three-year unlimited mileage warranty on the paint and a six-year warranty against rust. In addition, to protect the Land Rover driver for three years in Europe guarantee mobility. As another option, keep ready, the German distributor of the Premium Plus Service: In this case, the inspection and maintenance is already a new car purchase as a three-or five-year package for a fixed lump sum purchase or integrated into the monthly financing and lease rates be.

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Source: Autolatest

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