1966 Steve McQuinn review of supercars

Steve McQueen test drove 8 of the worlds best Grand Touring cars of 1966 for Sports Illustrated magazine. Te Corvette impressed McQueen and surprised him with the amount of power, fine handling and accurate handling.

1966 Steve McQuinn review of supercars
Top Corvette model costs 5.538 US dolar and has a 427 V8 engine. Another model was the Ferrari 275 GTS, a sports car from Italy that has a V12 engine of 3.3 liter.

The design is signed by Pininfarina and the gearbox is 5 speed manual. The price of the Ferrari is 14.500 $. Steve said that Ferrari is superb engineered.

The third test car was the Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider. It has superior brakes and could corner brilliant. McQueen admired its looks but have liked more power. The price is 4.000 $.

From Germany the Porsche 911 delighted the actor with predictable handling, proving that Porsche has solved oversteer problem remembered by Steve in his first racing days. The rear engine flat 6 costs 6.490$.

From Great Britain comes the Aston Martin DB6, the most expensive model in this test with a price of 15.400$. McQueen said that this car is a gentleman’s car, with a clear design, luxurious interioru and virile performance.

The only problem was with the fifth gear. Another competitor was the cobra 427 called by Steve a real stoplight bandit on acceleration, attesting to the strength of the 7 liter V8 Ford engine. Steve was pleased with its handling but the seat position should be improved. Price: 7.495$.

The last car tested was the Mercedes 230SL and performed very nice. Steve liked the automatic gearbox that it called the best from Europe.

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Source: Autolatest & Sports Illustrated

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